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Mrs O
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I've done the bullying, negotiation, pleading, shouting, token reward system.......................... ................

And now we're 10 weeks away from GCSE and himself has so much coursework outstanding that I'm breaking the rules.

Where can I commission someone to write some essays for me (him)? I know all the regular sites but I need someone to custom write some stuff.

For example - Compare Evil within Lord of the Flies and Oliver Twist.

Sheesh - is it any wonder they are all bored and disinterested?
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Report 17 years ago
just hang in there and do those things.. you'll be proud that you actually have done them all by yourself later on.

I know how it is, believe me.. doing my last year in the IB now and we have math portfolios, lab reports, essays and whatnot.. some times I've been forced to be up to 4 am just to get up again at 7.30 and go to school..

11th of April is my last day of school and until that day I will have a full schedule with different tasks.. but I would never consider having anyone else writing them for me..
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