Constant Heart Palpitations

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Hi all. Well I’m now ten years into my ectopics lol. I’m 40 very fit male and have no other health problems. They started when I turned 30 and seem to last a week and then go away for a year. Usually a trigger is stress or lack of sleep. The problem is stress and lack of sleep is caused by my palpitations so I can be a vicious circle. My heart can beat 3 times then the fourth beat misses all day and night . I never feel faint or dizzy. I’ve had every test known to man. MRI, eco and multiply 24 hour ecgs. I even had some dye injected to see how it travelled around my heart. All came back fine. Every forum I read say these in most cases these are not dangerous so I just hunker down and wait for them to pass. Stay strong you are not going to die from these.

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