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Williamson House

All freshers who will be living in Williamson House can chat and get to know one another in here. Post your details like this..
NAME: Phil Bowman
SUBJECT: Psychology
... and then get chatting.

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Hey Phil, thanks for the invite. My name is Nel and I have just found out I am on the 3rd floor of Williamson. When are you gunna move in?
Founders Building, Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway
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Welcome to the board Nelly, (if that is your name.) I think everyone moves in on the 24th.
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Name: Mohammed
Subject: Psychology
Room: Still haven't picked up the phone and called them, lazyness reigns supreme. Though status checker says im here.
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I've just been assigned to Williamson house, but not sure what floor/room i'm in yet.

Name: Alex
Subject: Computer Science
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I've just been assigned to Williamson house, but not sure what floor/room i'm in yet.

Name: Alex
Subject: Computer Science

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So anyone know what the showers and things are like in this hall? Doesn't seem to be much information about it other than in that word document on the rhul website. Bit annoying that its got no data cabling and i guess i could moan about not being ensuite or self catered, but theres an up in that theres a sink in the rooms and it's rather cheap compared to the others.

Bit suprised at the strict rules aswell, such as no extra cooking equipment being allowed in the pantry or your rooms (especialy things like kettles or sandwich makers), although i don't know how thorough the "inspections" are (whether its just a case of keeping the stuff out of sight). I'm probably thinking about things too much at the moment, but i thought it would be a bit more liberal than it seems to be, e.g "Regular electrical inspections are carried out and students found to have broken College safety regulations will be charged for repairs and/or fined.", i mean i'd understand paying for repairs but it sounds rather trivial if you were fined for having a toasted sandwich maker ¬_¬
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I fully agree, Migraine. Well, we'll find that out soon enough I suppose.

I haven't posted my details yet as I don't know my room number. I'll find that out before the end of the day, though, hopefully.
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NAME: Elaine* O'Neill
SUBJECT: German and History (may drop the German)
ROOM NO: 019, Ground Floor

Hey guys, I felt exactly the same about the lack of info on Williamson, so I started a thread on the SU website to get some views from former and present students, at it has some useful info. Sounds like we are going to the most sociable hall there is!
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Aye, but is that a good or bad thing, as the sociability is due to thin walls and entirely shared facilities?
To be honest I think it is the best thing to look for in a hall. You could be in a really swish one but have crap neighbours and no social life inside of the hall. I know our facilities aren't the best, but I'm really pleased it's got such a good rep for sociability. It can be miserable living in halls and not really knowing/getting on with anyone. This will make it so much easier for us all to settle in and, after all, a large part of the uni experience is having fun!
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I think anything in these situations can be looked upon in both good and bad light, but i think i'd rather be in a long hall like situation than a self contained block of 8 rooms in a way, seeming as a lot of people have seemed to say that they made a lot of their friends in their halls. For instance in Gowar as far as i know all the blocks of "flats" need your doorkey to get in, so there won't be people wandering around so much in the first week for you to meet.

I think i'm making pluspoints at the moment because i'm just glad i got ANY accommodation at all (I speant the days up to getting my allocation fearing that i would end up being given a shared room, which could quite possibly be my worst knightmare ¬_¬).

All that and the fact I've been a bit of a recluse for the last few years while at college, and being in a social hall will probably help me.
Yeah, I am also glad we are not in self-contained flats, it's a bit prison-esque don't you think? I wasn't too happy when I found out where I was living, but I am getting increasingly happier about it. With regards to the networking, apparently there is a computer annex about 30yrds away, although described as 'crappy'...
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I can't really remember the layout of the campus that well, but assuming williamson is in the middle of the campus, near the SU, it can't be that far away from the computer centre (or anything else), and although it's not the same as having the networking to your computer in your room but it's better than nothing i guess. I read about that computer annex thing on your thread, I assume thats just some small room with some computers in it?
To be honest I am not entirely sure, but it is better than nothing. I suggest making some friends in nearby Reid Hall and 'borrowing' their connection! Williamson is near the bottom of the campus, but most of the halls are there. It's a couple of minutes walk from the Stumble Inn, and very close to the sports centre. But the campus isn't that big, so everything is relatively close!
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Yes, it's pretty centric, which is a good thing. I am a little concerned at the description of the computer annexe though...and by borrowing connection, did you mean using their computers?
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Nelly. I completely agree with you concerning the social aspect of our halls. I'll be in williamson too this september and yeah, whatever about the facilities. it is what you make of it yo.
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Heya, im Kara, just thought i'd say hi to my future neighbours. Will be staying at williamson house too, 3rd floor. Nice to meet u all :p:
By any chance does anyone know what the room sizes are like at this place ? Are they a decent size? Cheers x
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Hey, Kara. Hope you enjoy Williamson House. Im pretty excited about it.