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Delta Sewing machines

I was bought a Delta sewing machine as a xmas pressies a few years back. I have just managed to get it out and try to sew. Which is a miracle because I cannot find the dvd/mannual (and nothing online,well at least in english) I have a few issues my threads keep snapping or tangling in fabric. I have tried:
Changing needles
Re-threading ( a million times)
Changing thread
My question is has anyone got this machine because I think its my thread tension and I am not 100% sure what the extra dial are for.
Any tips would be greatly welcome!
Chrisse :o:
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Hi. If you're having problems with your machine it is probably best to go back to the place you bought it or a reputable sewing repair shop and ask to get it serviced. The more you 'tangle' up thread in the machine the more chance you have of breaking it further.

Is the thread looking fine on one side and then being all looped and bunched up on the other? I had that problem with my machine and it was a problem with the tension that had to be resolved by one of the parts being repaired. It only cost about £30 to repair and it works like a dream now.

Another thing to check is that you are definitely using the right bobbins and needles for the machine because this can affect it too.

I'd also suggest doing a few test runs on scrap fabric (do it on double thickness) and adjusting the lower bobbin tension and upper tension too, but make sure you note down what you're changing the numbers to so you can get it back to at least some sort of working state (once you start playing around you might make it worse and not remember what the settings were before!)

Also as a side note, I am the leader of The Needlework Society on TSR and we are always looking for new members :smile:
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Cheers for your words of advice but it was a very cheap sewing machine it does have a 3yr guarantee but it was bought from Aldi so I am not exactly fussed about getting the actual machine sorted I am more worried it is something I am doing......I do plan to but an expensive model, but I don't wanna make the mistake I made when I bought a guitar where I lost interest.......I am holding out hope I can get some basic practice before I invest.......I have been on youtube and there are a lot of informative videos but because its all different machine...Mines seems to have a few extra dials.......or basically 2 that isn't glaringly obvious!
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Hi I bought delta sewing machin frome some body but it is not working and if I repair it the cost for 50pound and I don't have this money and the guy don't accepted to return so whate can I do now please tell me
When you say its not working, do you mean that the motor isnt working, or that its not stitching properly. Ie:- gathering up or what.?
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I bought a Delta OL-1000 overlocker 5 or 6 years ago but never had it out of the box until this week. It had seized completely due to the original lubricant going gunky while it stood in the box. After a couple of hours of removing covers & re-lubricating, I got it to run freely. However, every time re-threading was immediately followed by the left needle thread snapping. Being a total novice to the use of overlockers I didn't know whether the problem was down to my ignorance or a machine malfunction. There was another problem also in that the front feed dog wasn't pulling the fabric at all. Upon examination I found that the front dog retaining screw was very loose, which allowed it to drop below the surface & not grip the fabric. Once I tightened this retaining screw, all the other problems went away. That screw obviously had'nt been tightened during manufacture - a black mark for Aldi! Incidentally, when I tried to phone the helpline on 01283 762704 I found it was 'Number Unobtainable'so if anything else goes wrong I think I'll struggle to get it sorted. I've found nothing useful on the web but if anybody out there has any info or links, I;d be very pleased to hear from them.
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