Lack of practical/conflict related 2nd year IR/POLS papers? to move or not to move..? Watch

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Is it typical for a University to lack practical or specialist second year papers? I checked to see what was available for my second trimester and the selection is lacking to say the least, Most papers are either extremely theoretical, focus on domestic or institutional issues, or cover material I have already studied:ahee: (see attached images for a comparison of 1st and 2nd trimester papers):shifty:. The name of the image indicates the trimester:yep: . and

I've been considering moving to a different University; This will be a hassel though as I have to sell all my flat stuff, give 3 weeks notice, and all the other little things that go along with uprooting your life (at least I'm a hermmit so that gets rid of the 'friends' problem:facepalm:)

thoughts, ideas, trolling, all are welcome:awesome:
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Practical or specialist papers relating to conflict? I don't think it's that unusual, it is after all only one part of what makes up IR. There is at least one course on 'Conflict analysis', I would look long and hard at potential universities course lists to make sure you aren't disappointed again. Within my department for example there are about 3-4 specialist modules over 4 years.

Perhaps something like War Studies would have been more your cup of tea? :o:

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