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Freshers post your pics

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HAHA genius. c'est moi

(done 20secs ago)
Group Work, University of Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth
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hehe cool, ok well expect a pic of me tommorow sometime! keep em coming
Hmmm, would post pic but cant figure out how to make the file smaller!
Me (cheeky grin looking at camera) with mouth full of burger at paintball just off Portsea Island in March :biggrin: (complete with green hair thanks to some fudgepacker who shot me in the head)
For those of you that like a man in uniform :wink: When I was a wee army cadet 2 years ago.
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this me and ma baby nephew (sorry he isnt comin wiv me lol)
The first pic is me and my mate James posing outside 'our' shop. (Look at the name of the shop to understand :wink: I'm on the left of the photo )

Photo 1

The second pic is from results night, just a little bit pished (the worst of the two :frown: I'm on the right of the pic, with my friend Dan pulling a face).

Photo 2

Whoa, it was really hard to find some half-decent pics.
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That first photo is GENIUS! :biggrin:
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This is me! lol the first picture was taken on the last day of sixth form. As for the second one, i'm in my common room. Not pics but at least u know who i am lol :smile:
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Me about 10 seconds ago.
Apologies for the webcam quality it is not good.
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This is me and my mate at our leavers ball, typically i'm the one with the carling, not looking possessed like the other two... and yes I was steaming, hence the red face :p:
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arggg you live in devon lol im in cornwall - nice pic by the way!
So adamu, where is your picture, or has your usb stick been misplaced once more. :rolleyes:
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im looking for one right now
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hey nothing wrong with devon! ta Adam
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yeah i know, theres this whole thing about cornwall hating devon though right? I don't i used to live in devon too. Been to torbay, maybe ive seen you?! :smile:

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If you visited the pubs i'm sure i was probably in there being loud :P: I never heard of this crazy hating cornwall thing, but I can be a bit slow :frown: ...
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Havent you seen the stickers 'Tidy up cornwall, throw your crap in devon' ? loads of them here lol
what you studying? got your accomodation yet?

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lmao, no never seen those! Must just be the crazy cornish types. Yea, in JW, block A doing radiotherapy. All sorted, except for the hole in my bank account after buying some of these books :frown:
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Yeah the cornish are crazy! cool well im in trafalger just down the road!

Back on topic heres some pics of me!

Ill post some more when i can find more! Bloody photo collection!

Keep posting pics guys!