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Freshers post your pics

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lol - yeah, hes going uni in southhampton which is like an hour away from pompey - hes gonna come down for a bit at freshers so you can all mention that pic lol
Group Work, University of Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth
Has he got a female nickname?
My friend's at the uni now, started last year, she enjoys it a lot actually... And i think its less than an hour... But i'm asking her to come down too... although there doesn't seem to be much love loss between pompey and southampton... but maybe thats just only sport related... :rolleyes:
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Has he got a female nickname?

Can i make one up for him, what does his first name begin with.
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bored? lol - hes called alfie
Is that a joke, not heard of many alfie's!
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its short for alfred
Alfred...more of an older generation kinda name...thats probably why there's not many about that we've heard of :rolleyes:
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probably... anyway anyone got any more pics?!?!
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I have more but I just get more and more drunk in them :cool: :p:
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go on!
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Not a chance, by the end of the night some of these pics are verging on pornographic!!!
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this is me having a bit of a pose a month or two ago
Oh i say! :eek: :wink:

EDIT: that was for tara's message... :biggrin:
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lmao, sure it was :wink:
Oh hush, i didn't see he'd posted til i did :wink: :rolleyes:
Thats exactly what i thought :wink:

With Tara_B on that one. rofl
:mad: It's not nice to pick on people you know.... i'm crying, really i am, you upset me so much i'm crying my heart out... :rolleyes:
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:flowers: Seeing as you are 'crying' and everything :P