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Lakeside residences
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Bishop Ryder House Anyone? (Aston)

Hi, got my accommodation offer today and I didnt get in Lakeside :frown:

I got offered Bishop Ryder House which looks cool. There is only 3 people to a kitchen and I wont suffer from vertigo like I would in the towers!

Anyone else in Bishop Ryder? Im in flat 2 room 17 by the way!

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bishop ryder flat 5 rm 16 ... hope there are more first year students tho... hrd low-rise is more for returning students.
Lakeside residences
Aston University, Birmingham
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Where did you hear that cus I thought Lakeside was more for returning students. Im sure there will be plenty of first years, just have to wait and see though.

Did you do your A levels earlier than most people cus you arent 18 until next month?
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slightly early i guess... but i'll be 18 much before fresher's week (so i don't miss out on all the fun).

about the low rise thing... yea, i asked the accommodation office when i applied whether i cud have one the low rise rooms and they said that low rise is mainly for returning students, but i cud get lucky (so i guess i did lol).

btw, any idea how far apart our rooms are going to be... just good to know ur "house-mates" beforehand!
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hi i'll be in flat 2 room 4
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Ill just be above you then monybrum - its gonna be so cool!

At least returning students can help us out more cus they know everything already. Bit of an age gap though.
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PS - are you an international student monybrum, if not then where do u come from in the UK?
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craig, any idea where i'll be? far away from ur room? :-(
in bishop ryder they usually stick the returning students together and the fresher's together. Also for some reason last year most every fresher in there took a gap year. random...

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I duno how close we will be, do you know Phil?

Well I daint take a gap year, so the trend dont apply anymore lol
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hi craig...i'm italian and sounds like you'll be my neighbour!where are u from? u know what floor am I on?
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i'm not taking a gap yr either... im 17!
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U will be on the ground floor monybrum, im on the 2nd floor (top)
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craig, any idea where i'll be? flat 5, rm 16
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You will be on the 2nd floor/top level of your flat. Not sure where your flat is in relation to min
monybrum - you'll be ground floor and I think you'll be facing lawrence tower (though not sure bout that), so that'll be underneath craig610.

gibson79 you'll be round by gem sports centre. Meaning (lucky for some), you'll either get a courtyard view or a view of stafford tower and the basketball/concrete surface next to gem sports centre. away from all the noise of people returning from nights out.

(you'll be round the corner from craig610 I think)
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thanks aston lgb chair...
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I wish I could talk to people in the next room to me, suppose ill have to wait for the surprise!
being underneath craig hehe, his music is not quiet shall we say :smile: ata invest in some earphones hey craigy! only playin youll love him, i do
tho wen i come to stay over there might be some noise :O