wat do u think of plastic surgery?

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id be interested to know wat ppl on this forum think of plastic surgery? i think its ok if ur really ugly and really depressed about ur looks. if it makes u a hell of a lot happier, then y not go 4 it if u can afford it. i used 2 have really bad acne and ppl treated me so differently then. it was like i was invisable. nobody ever wanted to talk to me or look at me. then i went on this drug called roaccutane and my skin all cleared up and i began to look good. the difference in how i got treated depending on how i looked really shocked me. but it doesnt now.

ppl are shallow. they judge on wat they see. but they dont know how much more there is to this world than looks. and i believe nearly anyone can make themselves "good looking" these days. if you have crooked teeth u get braces. ugly hair - u get treatment. wrinkles - u get a face lift. fat- u go on a diet....etc etc etc. i like the way i look now but if i really think about it my good looks are fake. i have blonde hair (because i dye it), nice eyebrows (because i pluck them), nice teeth (because I have had braces), nice skin (because i have been on a drug to clear it up)....so i think looks are stupid and shallow.

for good looks u just have 2 be dedicated, lol...but of course it would help if u had naturally good looks - genes do play a big part of course. i am happy with everything about my looks at the moment except i dont like my nose or my ears - both too big and i would seriously consider plastic surgery in the future. so here i am telling ppl not to be shallow yet i am myself. but living in a world like ours its hard not to be...and i guess u just have 2 fit in 2 make things easier. maybe im a victim of media pressure. i dunno...but i guess im always looking 4 that perfection. like everybody else.
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