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    Firstly, does anyone know of any universities in Wales or just across the border that offer PGCE Primary on a part time basis? I'm contemplating this idea as I have been turned down by UWIC after an interview due to lack of experience (6years does not seem enough apparently). Seen as Newport and UWIC are now combined as well as Swansea and Trinity then the only other option I have is North Wales full time which I didn't really want to consider as I wanted to stay living at home!

    Any advice on distance learning and how to go about it please?


    I have a feeling that there is a filter on Course Search on GTTR which will find all the part-time courses still with vacancies if there are any.

    I was shocked when you said you have six years experience, is this in a school? Did you get any other feedback from UWIC at all?

    There is a filter on the course search to find this out, I just had a look and it doesn't appear there are any PGCE Primary Part-Time courses in Wales. View the lists of ones that do here.

    btw, here at Greenwich, the course that is part time isn't that flexible... The lectures/seminars etc are on Wednesdays, Fridays (I think) and Saturdays. The only things that are flexible are when you do your placements and also handing in assignments (but you can't start your final practice until all assignments are finished). Not sure how it works at other unis, but you had better make sure that you can manage with the timetable
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Updated: May 3, 2010
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