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Hi, when I completed my GSCE exams my school gave everyone their results and said nothing else to use about recieving our certificates. After a while I was woundering when I was going to get them and some people were saying they went to get them from the school. I thought as did others that they would have been sent to use. I want to get my certificates however the school is no longer there after being closed and knocked down!!

Does anyone know if there is some kind of central office or something were I could get some info or even my certificates. I only took the exams in 2001.

Thanx for any help
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Have you tried writing to the exam boards and telling them you're problem? If you tell them the year you did your exams, the school and probably your student number, they will probably be able to help. Explain that the school is no longer "available". If that doesn't work, try conatcting your local LEA as they will be the people responsible for the school. You just have to write to a couple of people. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for my key skills certificates. Ok so key skills isn't very important but I still did them and think I deserve some credit. I wrote to edexcel about sending me out the certificates but they never replied. I suppose I can live without my key skills certificates bu you really need to sort out the GCSE ones. You just have to contact as many people as you can and explain the situation, even though you may have to send a lot of letters. Hope that helps.

Helen Brownsell
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