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Felt like I had to reply to this as I'm 29 and since going out (from 18years old) my friends and i would drink to oblivion. To the point of us always questioning how we got so drunk and that we must have been spiked !We would throw around constantly that something might have happened to our drinks (probably not) Because we would be so sloppy/ crazy/ mental/ lethargic to the extreme!Until at the age of 28 when we actually got spiked and it had never happened before.2 of us travelling home, after 2 glasses of wine, 'sober' both woke up in different hospitals after leaving lunch sober at 4pm. Dazed and told that an ambulance had been called from parks during sunlight (luckily so no risk that we had been assaulted). It took over 6 hours before we were well to be discharged but GHB and other drugs were found in our system, scary to think that during the day people were watching and exploiting our enjoyment - probably thinking we would be out all evening.We weren't careful for 10 years and were lucky but now would be as lax as before. We thought it happened in late night clubs - always keep your drink in sight
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