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Anyone Staying In Talybont South???

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lol TODAY WAS MY LAST DAAAAYYY!!!!!!! im handin in my notice 2moro but ive got next saturday and the saturday after booked off so i dont have to work my notice....BUT STILL GET PAID!!! WWOOOOOO!!!! lol

where did u work?

we dont all hate u as much as is portrayed by certain ppl in the stadium yesterday lol
Studying at Cardiff University
Cardiff University
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I was working in a Strategic Marketing Agency.. as Assistant Brand Strategist he he .. sounds complicated right.. it was alot of hard work... left it at the end of June to take some I have been at home since more than two months and I am bored to death.. thats why I want to get to Cardiff as soon as I can... hey will u be comming to the MEET at Blackwier Tavern on the 21st?
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lol i had to read that job title 3 times.....AND I STILL COULDNT UNDERSTAND IT!!!!! ha haaaa now u can jsut tell everyone ur a student!! SIMPLE!!!

uumm im not sure cos even tho im movin my stuff down on wednesday i gota come home the same day and as im relyin on my mother for a lift it would prob mean her waitin with me......then i would automatically b the cool person of the yr!!!! ha haaaa
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how come you have to go back?
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i got a school presentation evenin on the thursday and a gig on the friday so theres no point in stayin really :frown: gutted tho
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couldn't you stop over on the wed night in your acco and get picked up the next morning (or bus it back...depending on public transport)? Mind you if your rents are working then and there aren't buses i guess it would be hard.
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oooo...woohoo just became a full member!!!
Reply 107 still junior :frown: lol

there are buses if u go down by the castle which isnt that far...hhmmm ill hav to think about it - do u know wot time the meet is at uzi? u goin em?
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I can't believe youre a man utd fan?! more japanese support them than the english! and youre not even english *rolls eyes* :P

P.s. andrew check your messages god damn it :wink:
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My mom works at a school and they go back tomorrow so she needs to check that she can have the day off (she's got a meeting or summat that week which she's got to go to) but if possible i wanna move in on the 21st and go to the meet. if not i'll go to the meet for those moving later. are you signed up to receive messages about the meet? i haven't checked mine for a few days but the lat i heard times were to be confirmed. If your not signed up then sign up and i'll go check my emails.
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I can't get down there for the 21st - will have to wait for this union "social" apparently seeing as i'm the only one from my year going to wales. big up the loners! lol...unless anything else is planned?
What you doing? putting a big "TSR" banner up so everyone knows who everyone is? *has crazy images*
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there is a thread (by where this one is) about a TSR has all the details. :smile:
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how do i sign up to that thing em? i spose even if u cant make it there will b chance later on to "meet and greet" lol

it'll b easier for me to get my things down there cos im so close tho - id definitely try to get there before the weekend tho cos apparently its really busy then.

and smaber MAN UTD RUUUUULLEEE!!!! he heeeee .....dont they em? :rolleyes: lol
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and smaber MAN UTD RUUUUULLEEE!!!! he heeeee .....dont they em? :rolleyes: lol

yeah! right! *rolls eyes in disagreement*

PM uzi888 with your real name and your email address and the you'll be added to the list for emailing about the meet. have such a short memory...never checked my emails...will do it NOW! If you want the thread about it its the second on the list. :biggrin:
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aaaahhhhh i know whos NOT coming to the pub to watch the utd games with me now!!.....shot urself in the foot there didnt ya em??........tut tut tut

ill e-mail uzi now....hopefully hes still online....CHECK THAT E-MAIL NOW BEFORE U FORGET!!!!! :biggrin:
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aw were you gonna invite me to watch man u?...I'll prob get confused, cheer fpr the wrong team and get beat up. I'm terrible at watching sport and keeping up. I support villa becuase my family does...its just how its always been.
I've checked it and there are still no times.
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lol dun worry em i wont hold it against u!!!
ive e-mailed uzi now so hopefully i can get those e-mails too...then i can tell u the times wen uv forgotten to chek :p:
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Yeah, i was wondering how to sign up for those emails too. But suppose it doesnt matter if i cant make it for the 21st. You'll just have to let me know if there's any others lol.

As for the football - southampton all the way baby :wink:

Ok ok, i know theyre not in the same league as man utd (literally now, but that will change lol) but at least i support my local team! he he
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if i supported my local team i would be supportin a team in the DR MARTENS LEAGUE!!!!! THATS LOWER THAN THE CONFERENCE!!!! how silly is that?!!! lol
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there's a dr martens league? wow that is cardiff then. at least support a welsh team. lol. people today *tsk* he he