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(Original post by lucerna)
Point taken, sorry for jumping the gun a bit, but I have a lot of friends from a variety of cultures, and I tend to bristle on instinct at that sort of assumption. If "international" means that you don't qualify for the 02 fee code - because she hasn't been in the country for long enough apart from for education, then yes she's international. She is at school in England though, so if that means she's a home student, then I'm afraid they must have some sort of quota or she would have been accepted.
Look, you seem nice and don't wantr to offend, but you still aren't getting my point. She is an international student, there is no doubt about that. I am not making aspersions on how she self defines, but the fact is that on peper she is NOT a home student. In addition, there are NO QUOTAS for home students. any Cambridge student will tell you this, but especially as a black one, I feel quite insulted by your suggestion. Do you realise how radical that is?
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(Original post by ladyvice)
Also, your response is highly confused and contradictory. I don't actually know what point you're trying to make. For this reason, I will end my response here, because it is impossible for me to make any comment until you clarify yourself. Did she get rejected becasue her English wasn't up to scratch? You say this is discriminatory, but by the way I don't...not if she was applying for an arts subject. Did she get rejected because she was an international student and they had fuilled their numbers? This is perfectly reasonable. Also, can I just add, that you are talking absolute tripe, becasue to my knowledge there are no limits on students from particular countries, but colleges themselves choose the international students they want. You also say she is not international per say, but yes she is if she counts for the fees, at least she is as far as the differences in quotas/non quotas, which is surely what your p[oint was about?
Ok, you're right I really don't want to be arguing, because I don't think we're on opposite sides in our views, and yes looking back, I'm sorry and I realise I wasn't as clear as I should have been. YES she is an international student - I didn't (mean to) say that she was a home student, and when I said chinese/international - I didn't mean that she was rejected because of her race. My own confusion was responsible for the international/home mix-up.

My headteacher said one of the reasons she was rejected was because she was Chinese. What she MEANT (I really do assume) was that she was international (which is true in her case, yes I know that not all chinese students are international) And I know that Cambridge would never put quotas on races becasue, and really I wasn't implying that, it would be completely discriminatory and racist, they (and you) have just as much right to be here at Cambridge as the next person. This related (very vaguely) to the original point about Seer, becasue I was saying that he might have been pooled if he happened to be an international student (reasonable, like you said)

For the other point, though her english was up to scratch, she took the exams and got the necessary scores in EFL to satisfy cambridge requirements, and speaks and understands very well considering she's only been in the country for 2 years. She's doing Engineering, so my point stands that the TSA paper is discriminatory - the questions they ask involve deep analysis of texts and then expect the student to pick and answer from (quite ambiguous) choices - something that you would not need for an Engineering course. It just appeared to me to be an unfair way to help select when for a course that is much more science based than english, a very high level of english would be needed just to get over 50%.

I apologise if I have offended, it really was unintentional.
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