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    I really need some help from anyone with any advice! I applied to do history at Royal Holloway and have a place, but at the end of my gap year decided i'd rather do psychology. I fancied going to Loughborough as i was also beginning to think that having been to the other side of the world, that going to rhul which is about 30mins down the road from my house, and in a tiny little place, was a bit of a cop out cos a yr ago when i applied i didn't think i could handle being too far away from home. However i was told by Loughborough that they didnt have any places, so ended up giving up on that idea, and when it showed that rhul were going in to clearing for psych i was over the moon- figured i'd try and change to psych there (as i think it's a better course) and if i didn't like holloway i could try and transfer to Loughborough at the end of my first yr. I've been waiting for rhul to get back to me (continual phone calls to the clearing dept just told me to wait) so i finally got through to the psych dept who told me they're not going in to clearing and i should never have been told that i might get a place. i then happened to ring loughborough who offered me a place on their psychology with ergonomics course, but this isn't exactly what i want either, but ive never done ergonomics so can never be certain.
    Basically my options seem to be to go to holloway and hope i can change to psych which is the course i REALLY want to do (but might get stuck doing history which i don't want to study) or go to loughborough to do a course i might not want to do, but i'm looking at the league tables (and i know they should only be used as a guide but im desperate for help!) and holloway seems quite a bit better than l'boro.

    how likely is it for a uni to let your transfer to another course if it's already oversubscribed?

    I don't really see taking another yr out as an option because of the fees and the fact i'd have been out of education for 2 yrs.

    I'm really confused and would appreciate help from anyone! (sorry about the big long rant- thought it might be better to explain the whole story!)

    thankyou in advance,

    Han xxx

    Psychology is a really popular course at all the universities high up in the league tables so getting a transfer is going to be hard. Doing a subject like psychology and ergonomics which you're unsure about is also taking a gamble.

    First off Han, im sorry that you find yourself in a difficult position. However wanting to transfer, either between unis or onto different cuorses can be difficult. It might be worth doing a bit more research into ergonomics so yuo can be more sure about things with regard to that. In terms of the overall decision I think you have to ask yourself what you want from the place you are going to, and what you are likely to get. If theres a major difference between the two, then i'd be weary about going to a place I was unsure about, particularly if I couldnt transfer. I appreciate the point about the time and the fees, but don't feel pressured into accepting something that might not be the right thing for you. You are still very young, and even in a year out you could build money up to counteract the top up fees.

    On a more general level, im angry and upset that the introduction of top up fees is making decisions like this one far more difficult and affecting peoples decisions of if and where they go to university
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    Thanks to you both for your help- i think you're both right about the problems with changing course/uni so i don't think i can take the risk of going to holloway on the off chance i might be able to change to their psych course, so i think it's going to be l'boro. i'm going to have a better look at ergonomics now!

    han x
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