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Aitken Wing

Hey so I recieved my accommodation forms today and I'm in the Aitken Wing, Block C, Flat 20

Anyone else in the Aitken Wing or know what it's like :smile:? Also I'm thinking of going on the Alton Towers trip :P anyone doing that?

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I'm in Block B, Flat 17... more info would be nice please :smile: The term "Wingcest" as mentioned in the Aitken Wing booklet thingy could do with some explaining too :P ... lol

I'll be on the Alton Towers trip for a laugh, my aim is to do as much as I can in that first week :biggrin:

What you studying Daveid?
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University of Birmingham
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Wow :biggrin: am I glad to see someone else in the same building. I thought I was all by myself :wink:

I'm studying Maths and AI (artificial intellegence), how about you?

Seen anyone else who's gonna be living with us :P ?
I'm doing a foundation year for engineering, funnily enough because I don't have maths.. :P

And the silence this thread has produced would suggest that no-one else here has been confirmed for Aitken yet. I know it's small, but surely not that small... lol

Looking forward to it nevertheless :biggrin:
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Hi guys i am in Aitken Wing also. Flat 2 block a i think!!! Will be goin Alton towers too love it there!!!
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Nice we've got a little posse going now :wink: I better send that freshers form back soon.
Thing is I wanna go to Alton Towers but not so keen on all those clubs O_O comedy club sounds good but other wise... hmm I'll have to see...

dipstick I'll try give you maths tips if you need em :wink: hehe
and taimma if you're studying PE you can keep me fit lolol
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hey ho ^^

My name's Asher... I'm in block B flat 17 too, so I guess we're flatmates, dipstick :biggrin:

>_> I'd type more but... so.... tired.... need.. caffeine... *flees*
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So tired :P it's the afternoon how can you be tired lol :P

I want someone in flat C :frown: i want a flat mate lol
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Hey, I'm in Aitken too - Block A, flat 7.

Also going on the alton towers thang, should be a laugh!

Does anyone know how the flat numbers work? Was there something like 2 flats on each floor? I'm just trying to work out if I'm up loads of stairs ....carrying...heavy
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It's soooooooo not hard to be tired in the afternoon... especially when you're up til 4am... *yawn*
I really should be going to bed earlier since I'm working on tuesday... but... it's always quiet in the morning... ah screw it.
*finds more caffeine* mmmm addiction...
@Asher/Yippo: Cool, I'm Steven... wasn't expecting to talk to a flatmate on here :biggrin:

@Daveid: thanks :biggrin: I took AS maths, and found it OK, but completely screwed up the exams and was forced to drop maths (I've never been much of an exam person :P) but I'll keep an open mind for the offer :biggrin:
I'm don't much fancy the clubs either, but hell, I'll go along and have a few quiet drinks or something - got to get to know people somehow, and that seems the easiest way I guess.

and @taimma: I'll probably need to be kept fit as well :P

In general, any ideas what 'clubs' you're going to join? I was thinking of doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award and a few sports like badminton, football etc.. I like the idea of inter-hall/department sports leagues, because they're not too serious or anything.
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I could go away if you'd like *_*

AS maths wasn't so bad, A2 maths was a real smegger though... P3 makes kittens cry T.T

m'uh, I suck at sports generally... Perhaps if I can find a fencing club of some kind...

*purposefully rises above trying to flirt* =D
Didn't mean it like that :P . . . I meant it as in the chances were against finding someone in the same flat :P
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Oh good, you almost made me cry T.T XD
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Hmm, things are going quiet >_> where is everyone?
I'm still here but looks like all of 4 people will be staying in Aitken Wing O.o
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Oh well, all the more room for us XD
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Sorry about not saying much lately :P I been at my gf's past 4 days and her net's playing up so I never got on here, plus she kept distracting me :wink:

Yippo if you thought P3 was hard you shoulda done Further Maths - P4 and P5 almost made ME cry :P LOL

It appears I have flat C all to myself lol... :P

I wanna go on Rita, Queen of Speed! woot :P
I'll be stayin in the Aitken wing! I phoned 'em up today to find out.
I checked it out and it looks pretty funky! Nice grounds, lots of grass and trees and like a lake!

What's this Alton Towers trip you're all talking about? :eek: :biggrin: :cool:
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Cool sounds nice then :biggrin:

When you recieve your Accommodation pack, which should be soon, there's a little blue booklet written by the Aitken wing Presidents and it's got loads of freshers week info in it. There are two trips to sign up for;

Club tour or
Club tour and Alton towers - £23 I think

hope we see you there :biggrin: