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Aitken Wing

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The alton towers trip sounds like a must!
Will definetly go on that! :biggrin:
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University of Birmingham
The club tour's £12 and its £23, as Daveid said, to go to Alton Towers as well.

Any idea what block/flat you're in, mc?

And on a side note, I've not got anything very smart for the Freshers Ball :s-smilie: Should I just go trousers n shirt, or hire a tux/get a suit?
Nah they haven't told me the flat or block yet.

It might be worth investing in a suit, as you;ll probably need one sooner or later.
How do you sign up for the club tour? I've been given a website ( which doesn't seem to exist :confused:
@endeavour: I've not seen any website or other means of paying for the club tour online; in the back of the information leaflet for Aitken Wing was a cut-out slip to send off, with a cheque for the relevant amount, where you tick which tour you want (with or without Alton Towers) and put your name and contact details. Hope that's clear enough :P
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*isn't going on alton towers tour* I cba with it *_*

Mhhh, is anyone else tempted to turn up at the gay & lesbian night in drag just for the hell of it, or should I be seeking mental help?

oh... y'all recieved registration stuff yet? I'm only asking for my parents... ho hum...
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Did you just not notice I posted? Or is there a large plot against me? :redface:

Block A, Flat 7. Alton Towers a go-go.

Hi everyone :smile:
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Hi there :P I noticed but didn't know the answer to your question, and was kinda jealous that block A has loads of people and I';m all by myself lol :colondollar:

Alton Towers is gonna be funnnn :biggrin:

I'm impressed at the price, almost too good to be true though since it costs £15 for a group ticket to alton towers anyway lol £22 normally. I ain't complaining though:biggrin:
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Aha! worked out what they wanted now:-

Who has the registration shiz for the thang on friday of freshers week? some party or other... Anyone? I haven't and I want it cause I heard spoonys gonna be there X.X
Hey Janwise, what you studying?

@Yippo: you can go in drag to the gay/lesbian night....... don't take offence if I don't join you though :P

Alton Towers is deffo gonna be fun :smile:

also @Yippo: depends what you mean by "registration" . . . I have my accomodation sorted now, but nothing about Fees etc, or anything to log into my.bham, so I assume I'm not registered yet, as such.


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Dipstick - Hey :smile: I'm doing ancient history, which means lots of toags and reading. Should be ace though.

Daveid - Hey as well :smile: I love alton towers, I completely revert back to childhood whenever I go there.

I haven't got any registration stuff either, its kind of annoying because it seems everyone else who has theirs already has got reading lists, or work to do. I don't want to find out I'm supposed to done a load of stuff before I got there.
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Ugh.... I cba to work... omg it sucks...

Mhhhhh looking forward to Freshers week... but jesus am I tired... just want to... sleep...
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I have a talent for killing all conversaton on this thread >_>
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LOL noooo...

I dunno where the convo went!

Post pics of yourselves :smile:

I'll post a pic as soon as i figure out how to get it off my broken PC - I'm on my lappy before anyone asks


here's a SMALL one of me drunk/passed out in a bath (my friend took it lol) it's actually a really good pic of me :smile: !
Sorry it's so small, like i said my comp's broke i just remembered i'd upped this to (which sucks, don't sign up)
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The only picture I've got online at the moment is in my profile page, so have a looksie there.

Me and my mom drove to Bham the other day to find out how to get to Aitken Wing, and its so awesome. I'd only seen it on the accommodation open day, so I couldn't really remember what it was like. But now I've seen it again, I'm excited - its in such a nice place. Great views :smile:

...or you could just go to my myspace, which I forgot about but have a bazillion pictures on:
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Heh :smile: cool lol the "He has nipples" pictures was.... different lolol :P
i listening to the nicely illegally posted track on your myspazz tut tut tut :biggrin:
*sends the link the RIAA* lol jk

Come on people more pics ! :biggrin:
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Mmph, must we post pics? I figure there's no point in wasting bandwidth sending something you'd rather not see >_>

I can't decide whether to take advantage of my last week of freedom to go nuts [more so than I already am, of course] or to simply sleep for a full week to get me ready for freshers week parties... bah, inspiration will come
Janwise... I like your taste in music :smile::smile: the Goo Goo Dolls are just amazing! As are most of the other bands in that myspace list :smile: You can blast your music through the halls 24-7 as far as I'm concerned :biggrin:

The only pic I got of me is on my MSN profile...

It's a couple of years old, but I'm more or less the same.. but not quite so angry looking :p:
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"Space not available
The space you are trying to view may not exist or access to it may be restricted."

I think you have to change the restrictions so more than just people on your list can see it :smile:

Yippo you don't have to pots a pic but then maybe people will know who you are when we all move in and you will be famous :biggrin: !!
Oops try again, didn't know about that. :smile: