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Aitken Wing

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O_O you do look rather angry/naked lol but hi *Waves to pic*
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University of Birmingham
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Daveid - oh the nipple picture was 'interesting' to take as well :wink: And I'd gladly break the law to bring you music by 30 seconds to mars!

Dipstick - *prepares to play ridiculously loud music* glad you approve mate!

Yippo - I'm having the same dialemma, last week wise. I don't know whether to waste all my money and have adventures with my remaining friends, or to just save it and go crazy when I get there.
lol,,, it was the morning after a very late (and drunken) night out, and I was rudely awakened at about 6:30 having fell into bed at about... hell, how should I remember?


*picture waves back* lol

@Janwise: louder, damnit, I can't hear it!

Oh wait, we're not there yet :frown:
I think I'm gonna spend some money on saying goodbye to people, but save most of my money for freshers... Can't do one and not the other!! Need to say goodbye properly, but also need to say HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to new people who are going to be my closest friends of the next 4 years or so, and then for life, perhaps... *Stops rambling*
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I dunno how I'm gonna cope with leaving :frown:

I am taking my gf of 9 months out to dinner on tuesday, driving away's gonna be so tough. I know I will be making many visits home lol and I'm sure she will come stay at some point :smile: (sorry for any noise peeps :wink: )

I think maybe I will go to the pub with my mates on thurs, jeez it's werid leaving everyone =/ !!
Tell me about it... nearly 11 months for me, my gf's going Oxford, so she isn't too far away I guess. Still gona be hard tho.

I want to get away from home, I think I'm ready to move on, to get away from my parents.. Sure, I'll probably miss them ( eventually :p: ), and definitely all my friends etc etc, but my woman's the main worry for me. *sigh*
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We'll be reet, don't worry :P

But hey I was doing some shopping... what things you think I need to buy? I got this so far

Bed stuff - duvet, sheets, pillow etc
Frying pan, cutlery, plate, bowl... CUP ( :biggrin: hurrah for cups)
Toilet roll :smile: tastes good
I bought porridge also - yes i know doesn't really need to be on the list but it's VERY important O_O

OK now surely there's gotta be something else to add to that list? What you guys taking
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Aw too bad for you two, but you've both been in those relationships for a long time and whats that saying....absence makes the heart grow fonder? or is it abstinence? Well whatever, you'll appreciate each other more when you see her :wink:

Luckily I don't have that problem at the moment, I can't wait to leave home - I've been wanting to move out for years. I might miss my friends, but to be honest I'm not all that close to them any more so I'm not really worried about that. And I love meeting new people! Thats actually what I'm looking forward to the most :biggrin:

As for stuff to take, heres a brief list of what I've got:
towels, bedding, cd player, laptop, camera, other stuff from my room (books, cds etc)
saucepan, frying pan, baking tray, cutlery,plate, bowl, cooking utensils (I've even got a potato masher!), lol weighing scales!, mugs, cups :wink: ,
Tea bags...random things really. Like my little Frodo and Sam dolls - they have to come with me!

I started packing my clothes the other day - I didn't know I had so many! I've already filled a massive hold-all, and thats just with pyjamas and jumpers.
i'm so glad i'm not a woman... when i started uni, i came down on the train, fitted everything i own in the world in 3 suitcases... that's all the pots and pans and computer and speakers and forks and coat hangers and clothes and everything :biggrin:

now i've been here for 2 years and started hoarding stuff, i can't even fit it all in my ickle car :frown: just call me mr trebus...
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LOL @ Mr Trebus (also RIP :frown: )

He was ace - i liked his motor bike

I need cooking utensilssss!! =/! *goes and buys*
you might think this is daft too, but spend 49p on a utensil drawer organiser. they are life savers, enable you to see just how many forks you have left...
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lol ok :biggrin: hey ermmm, how's the kitchen work? what's it set out like? we each have our own cupboar and draw? or what :smile:
there is enough cupboard space for everyone, though depending on the flats fighting for fridge/freezer space is always fun :wink:
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God knows what I'm bringing... I have it all, but I can't be bothered to list it *halo*

hmm... let's see... Freshers week is one week... then we have the rest of the year... *does some quick mental arithmetic, throws figures away and sets aside 75% of his student loan towards drinks money during Freshers Week*
lol Yippo :biggrin:

Errrrrrrm I found a basic checklist of stuff u need to take with u 2 uni... unfortunately me mum found it n decided to go welllllllllllllllllllll OTT with it... everything will fit in the boot of the car fine, but seems like so much stufffff :s-smilie:

Checklist @
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My girlfriend is in Block A Flat 3, anyone with her? :smile:
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I know I'm taking lots, I always do this no matter where I go - take too much stuff. But if I left something behind I'd want it as soon as I got there, and thats the darn truth.

Wowbagger - theres someone in block a flat 2, not sure about 3 though.
Yep, I'm taking everything but the kitchen sink. (Not quite literally). That website's not a bad guide, I got most of the more important stuff on it I think. *Crams in car*
including egg cups? :wink:

trust me, they are worth the 10p when you end up spending 15 minutes hacking the eggbox apart at 730am...
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*cough* I'm taking all my stuff on the Saturday... then my computer and the stuff I forgot to bring will come on Sunday ^.^

Question:- Dipstick, you bringing a toaster or a TV for the living area? Just trying to work out what I should bring... if there's enough room in the living room part thing, Maybe we shove a TV in there and a few games consoles if people wanted to bring them...
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I'm bringing my seXBOX :biggrin: hehe yeaaa :biggrin: it's pretty :colondollar: you'll see hehe