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What To Bring To Oxford (from USA)

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It's only 28 degrees???!?! ONLY?! Haha!! Ok that's not British August, but it's definitely British June!!
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Well, it’s 33C here today. We, here, are very tired of the heat...guess I'm about to get my wish with some cool weather.

One more question, please. I have a bit of an allergy to dust mites and so I am bringing a plastic mattress encasement. Do they have a mattress cover already on the bed? I am bringing one but wouldn't if not needed. It’s just hard to sleep with the plastic always making noise with every move and so, a cover is needed.

Again, thanks for your help! It has saved me much time and aggravation! I’ll be at Oxford by Friday afternoon. Meet soon!
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42 C (108 F) and I was outside in it all weekend. Not a cloud in the sky. It was very, very hot.
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i would suggest bringing/buying a mattress cover, cos i don't think college provides those. all i had in my room were an old pillow without pillow case and two very old, very smelly throwover thingies :frown: