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    Hey everyone.
    Im from Bangor in Northern Ireland and i was wanting to go to Nottingham trent university in 2 yrs to study business management or computer Studies. Im wondering if there is anyone who went through a similar problem, and found it easy to deal with the living on your own in a new country thing!?
    Maybe you could help me out........maybe even give me some tips.Thanx


    Unfortunately, I cant help with the problem of being in a different country but I can help with being away from home in general. It is my first year at university and I have never been away from my parents for more than a week before and even then, I was with people I knew. I found it extremely difficult to settle in and it took about a month before I started to venture out of my room and actually socialise. I think that it often takes a long time to settle in as the life I have here and the life I had at home are completely different. You need to try and socialise and make friends, especially if you can make one very good friend. This helped me a great deal as they can help you out just as much as you can help them. Also, I spoke to students who had been in the halls of residence before and they all said they found it difficult within the first few weeks, even those who lived nearby. What you have to remember is, yes you probably will miss home, your friends and family, and yes you probably will shed a tear or two but so do others and you will get used to it just as well as everyone else does. I thought I would never be able to survive at university as I was so quite before I came which made me feel vulnerable but it is amazing how you cope, especailly once you get working and the exams/coursweork starts to pile up. You dont have time to worry. Trust me! Even if you don't manage it at least you can say you gave it a go but it just wasn't right for you. There is nothing wrong with admitting you cant cope. I hope this helps. Remember, give it a chance and then decide how you feel and dont worry about moving back home.

    Helen Brownsell

    It's a few years since I went to Uni but I can recomend living away from home. I think it makes you grow up quicker, you'll make more friends and it teaches you about real life ie paying bills. Living with mates is also a lot of fun. My cousin is from Dublin and he is studying at Manchester Uni he is loving it and is too busy to be mising home.
    As for Nottingham Trent, I live in Nottingham and trained at Nottingham university so I can tell you a bit about the area. Nottingham is a fantastc city with lots to do. The prices of accomodation and cost of living aren't bad either. Trent Uni is smack in the centre of town so you'll have good access to shops, bars etc.
    The only prob you'll probably have is doshing out for a ticket home during the hols.

    wot about quee marys uni..i london...ny1 in dat 1??
    ny1 do ict?????????????

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