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    anyone else on here doing A2 level ICT coursework at teh moment using access.

    I'm finding it really hard to use access as ive never realled used it before.

    My project is to make a system for a drving school. I would very much appreciate it if anyone else who is doing a similar system to reply to this thread and i can have a chat wiv u bout it.


    Theres some examples of coursework on www.revisecomputing.co.uk or .com try both It's just the write up but you always get more marks for it. I did a stock control system for chem lab at my college! I remember seeing an example of a level cwk for a driving school. If u hv alevel Bs in your college, try looking for A-Level computing by PM Heathcote she also does a A-level coursework book for Access as I assume your probably using it! It's really good!. Look on the inside cover for the publishers site, go to it they have load of physical coursework that you can download and look at. I can't find my copy off hand!


    yes dat ict coursework is well hard..i got a week 2 do it..in rough..i jus finsihed my As coursework dat woz a doctor surgery using access, so i got some xperience but its still hard..i dont know wot 2 do..
    doz ny1 kno ny gud sites which i cud use for sum help? i'd really really appreciate dat..thanx
    have a gr8 day u all!
    i'm sighin out!

    yeah where are they on the net? i cant find any sites with specimen projects

    the URL is http://www.payne-gallway.co.uk/student_resources.html

    If you can't find your way around it here are links to some files they have on there of things done in Access in 3 versions. I don't know if this helps !? They are all exe files that are self extracting.

    <http://www.payne-gallway.co.uk/student/access2db.exe (Access 2)>
    <http://www.payne-gallway.co.uk/student/access7db.exe (Access 7)>
    <http://www.payne-gallway.co.uk/student/access2000db.exe (Access 2000)>
    <http://www.payne-gallway.co.uk/student/newsagt2002.exe (Acces 2000 Newsagesnt for A level ICT)>

    im doing A level ICT as well and doing coursework using access!! - im doing a database for a school library system! im finding it really difficult, especially the writing that has to go with it - got to hand it in in 2 weeks and ive hardly started oops!! good luck with urs sounds like we both need it
    luv Gemma

    i am suffering from the same problem! i did alrite last year when we had to use access to make a database.

    but this year we are doing the same project but using visual basics instead! i thought all schools did there A2 projects in this program as well!???
    so what did u do for last years project??

    im making a project for a karate club - i have 3 weeks left and i havent started one bit i've written more in this box then i have on the project. so if ppl want to keep adding links in here i and most others im sure would find that well helpful!

    thank you in advance
    london, uk

    just used excel last year, i'm at a sixth form college tho, not a school

    I got 3 days to do it even tho I only atarted ICT a month ago and every1 else in the class has had about 3 and more help. Hopefully I will get til April when I was told I'd have til!

    Found dead line is just over a month away, and my teach is safe tho he hasn't helped me 1 bit since I joined my college, it's all me but I have great experience in Access, so I could help any of yall.


    Oh yeah, I got A in AS Computin last year and that's harder than this so I'm not worried 1 bit about exams either, as I got 54/60 in the mock WITHOUT any revision cos I didn't know we had it.

    i know how hard it is my project is a control system on access based on the leisure centre that i work in my end user is my boss he has asked me to do it and will pay me for the finished product what about u ?

    hey i posted a msg b4 4 sum help with ICt coursework...i did da doctor surgery last year jus finishd dat in jan...i need 2 do ma A2 major coursewok NOW!!!!!!!!!!
    ny1..wid ny xperience...plz giv me sum linkx

    I am doing A2 coursework, and I am in the design. I am stuck on the macro design. What do I have to write? I have created a table of three columns, macro name, action and arguments. I got this from a booklet I was given. But what goes in the action and arguments column?

    im in serious trouble! got 2 weeks to finish it, only done some tables, this PM Heathcote book is useless, it'll take me more than 2 weeks 2 complete it, i got no chance!!!

    im doing the driving school A2 project 2. Im stuch on bits may be we can tip pointers 2 one another, reply soon

    hey im doin really gud in my IT coursework.....HAHA shame some of u arent. GIMPAZOIDS......

    There's Database book called Database Projects in Access for Advanced Level, by Julian Mott and Ian Rendell. You can get if from Amazon for about £10. There's a system there based on a driving school which may be of some use to you! Good Luck.


    Hey, is anyone still looking at this thread? I'm doing A2 ICT c/w and need to have it finished in less than two weeks My school doesnt wanna buy access so were having to do it in FileMaker Pro. ever heard of it?? Its alright doing the actual system, but its just the time it takes to do the write up to go with it. can anyone help?

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