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    Okay, some time ago I decided to come off using Candarel artifical sweetners because they were causing me serious problems. Since coming off them I have noticed some improvement in my condition (I had headaches, depression, anxiety, dizzyness, loss of balance, tiredness, irritability, sluggishness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, etc).

    According to Peter McCarthy D.N. (Doctorate of Naturopathy) the use of aspartame is a multi-billion dollar business and is the single biggest ingredient that produces the largest number of adverse complaints filed to the FDA.

    80% of the complaints filled to the FDA were caused by aspartame.

    Over 5,000 food products on the shop shelf contain aspartame.

    According to McCarthy there is evidence that aspartame, a neuro-toxin, depletes serotonin which can cause serious depression. Aspartame is also a neuro-stimulator which causes a continual excited state in the brain which can cause insomnia and erratic behaviour.

    According to neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock toxins like aspartame are used in foods to dumb us down:


    The Great Chemical Dumbing Down:


    The FDA have approved aspartame concluding that it is safe. The FDA cannot be trusted; they represent the disreputable: Monsanto genetic engineering company:




    Filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin discussed her recent film 'The World According to Monsanto' in which she exposes many of Monsanto's controversial practices, from concealing knowledge of toxicity of PCBs to producing genetically modified seeds and related herbicides.

    Monsanto has a long history of manufacturing dangerous products. In 1949, an explosion in Nitro, a Monsanto factory in the US, caused 228 workers to develop an extremely disfiguring illness caused by dioxin, a highly toxic by-product of 2,4,5-T, a powerful herbicide manufactured in the factory.

    Monsanto's product Roundup, an herbicide which Monsanto advertised as biodegradable, is still sprayed on crops by unprotected farmers in Paraguay even though Monsanto has already been convicted twice of false advertising for the product.

    Robin also denounces Monsanto for not only denying that it ever heard of Agent Orange, a herbicide sprayed by the US Army on crops during the Vietnam war and which Monsanto had in fact manufactured, but also for manipulating scientific studies to hide links between Agent Orange and cancer.

    According to Robin, Monsanto has bought fifty seed companies in the last ten years. In a clip from Robin's film, physicist and ecologist Dr. Vandana Shiva warns: "Once [Monsanto has] established the norm that seed can be owned as their property, we will depend on them. If they control seed they control food. It's more powerful than bombs. This is the best way to control the populations of the world."

    These food companies really do seem to have an interest in making us all dumb and very very ill.

    I've tried to stop my friend John from drinking diet pepsi (he drinks it all the time and complains of tiredness) because I am worried what the aspartame in that drink are doing to his brain - aspartame is a neuro-toxin, don't forget!

    Start the debate....

    The claims regarding harmful side-effects of Aspartame have been examined thoroughly and dismissed. There was criticism over the reasons for the FDA approving it, but plenty of other bodies have found Aspartame to be suitable for consumption:


    I don't drink diet drinks because they taste ****....just remind everyone of this and they'll switch to normal soft drinks....no need to fearmonger

    welcome to the real world comrade, you're gonna love it.

    Read the shock doctrine by naomi klein for a start and take it from there. It doesn't get any easier pal, even in my 30s i just get angrier about the companies raping our world, and the idiots around here that think its cool to not give a f%ck and say as long as i can get a dollar i don't care. It will come back and bite us all, at least we'll be able to say i told you so, then punch them in the face for being an idiot to begin with.

    Aspartame was invented by the NWO to control the people.
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