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Welcome to the Coventry University thread.
Take a look at the Coventry University Wiki page here. Jam packed with info :biggrin:

This is for all those either already studying at Coventry, whether it be undergrad' or postgrad' and also those wanting to know more about the Uni as prospective students :smile: It's been running for a while now (since before I was even at Uni :eek: )

So get posting, and if you have any questions or problems i'm sure someone will be able to help you out :biggrin:

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Is anyone currently at Conventry University, or is going in September, or is thinking of going?

What do you study there?
What's the university like? Social Life?
Any other general comments would be ace. Thanks :biggrin:
Coventry University
Coventry University
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There is a story about Coventry University however I am not sure if it is true.

Apparantly the original name they decided upon was going to be Coventry University of New Technology, until they realised what the acronym was going to be.
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hey hey :p: coventry was my insurance choice for this yr (but i got into my 1st so i aint going ther!) I liked the uni and the tutors seemed friendly n caring n the area looked good (loverly shops!!!). as for nightlife, i was told it aint lik one of the best but then again it aint too bad.... y dnt u go and look at it for urself and decide? depends wot u wana study.... :smile:
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i live in coventry now, and im telling you, the nightlife is ****, youmight enjoy it for about a week while its new to you but it gets soo bad, thats why im leaving.
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i've just finished 6th in cov, and have spent 6 years at school there. so i go out there quite a lot, basically id rather you than me. sorry if that sounds harsh. cov has all the usual places you find in other cities- litten tree, varsity, yatzees, weatherspoons etc, for night clubs its very limited there is a few-colisseum(coli) a **** holebut we always go there-cheap and nasty-cheese music, full of 14 year olds but u always have a great night, icon and diva they are joined together on weekights seperate on weekends standard night club music form rnb-hiphop to dance, jumpin jaks really nice bar good for a laugh the crowd is older though 25-40yr olds. and a new place just opened dogma really nice sorta place wouldnt look too outa place in london but more expensive.

if u want to go out somewhere a bit nicer then everyone goes of to leamington which is much better.

hope that helps
Do Cov uni students really go to Leamington to go clubbing?! Wow, seems a bit of a trek to go to Leam when you have Coventry on your doorstep.
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Im going to Coventry in 2006, to do Psychology!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went on an open day, and it looked really good, i duno why people have got nothing good to say about it
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Do Cov uni students really go to Leamington to go clubbing?! Wow, seems a bit of a trek to go to Leam when you have Coventry on your doorstep.

i do, although i'm a mere yr 13. cov's ok, occasionally, the pubbing's alright at least and ikon's always a good night whenever we go, but usually it's leam. not too much of a trek, blag a taxi for a tenner and apparently that new unibus is running well late these days?

the only good thing about coventry is its proximity to birmingham, nightlife and shopping there are top.
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I've applied for Coventry for Forensic & Investigation Studies
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I've heard the Uni itself is awesome and when i went, it looked fab and ppl were so friendly but apparently the worst thing about Cov is the nightlife but I come from a small town where the nightlife isnt very good either so I wouldnt be missing out on much

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im going cov uni in sept im so nervous im staying at trintity point. im studying fashion design and marketing. anyone actually going?or know where their staying?
Im off to coventry also in september. Im staying at singer hall x
Im not sure to be honest...but im going to be in a similar situation, as im from Essex. I think most people will be as well though surely? x
Cool, I think im going to coventry...Its my firm choice but who knows. Im staying in singer halls too. It seemed ok when I visited. It had a nice feel to it. Wished Id read these forums first though. The nightlife sounds like a bit of a disappointment.

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Do Cov uni students really go to Leamington to go clubbing?! Wow, seems a bit of a trek to go to Leam when you have Coventry on your doorstep.

[i kno alota ppl at cov.. the nightlife is dead u kno! the su is ok.. but the cities just full of chavz! and everyone in cov ends up goin bham, lesta, notts, or leamington]

im actuali from leamington

alota warwick uni and cov uni students live here

its nearish 1 cov.. its about
12mins on train
15 in car
bt most ppl take the bus.. which is about 40mins!
The nightlife sounds like a bit of a disappointment

Yeh, when i read some negative things i was slightly apprehensive and worried i had made the wrong choice. Although, i found this which has reassured me quite a bit!


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Then again, think about it. When you're looking at universities, the main reason probably shouldnt be the night life. For example I'll be on a pretty tight budget and dont think I'll be hanging out at clubs and bars too much. And besides, it's a fairly large city so I'm sure there will be enough to do.
yep, see you there buddy

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