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yup, and, if by chance you find yourself by the library or william morris building, just follow the main road they are on away from the round about, over the crossroads/traffic lights, and that'll lead you into the town centre past most of the student type bars and alot of the banks.
Coventry University
Coventry University
I was thinking of organising a get-together of TSR Coventry students sometime, put faces to names, and the old hands can show us new 'uns around :smile:
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Thanks i will look forward to our day out there now i know where im goin lol
Old hands. Not old people :P
That's awesome, I expect Chris and Dubstar to be there especially :biggrin:
I'm sure they'll be willing to help us on our feet. Us freshers can meet up without them on the first week if we can find a free night :P
Wow this thread is good!

This goes out to anyone currently at Cov Uni really. I'm going to be starting in Sept to do Occupational Therapy. I contacted the course administrators to find out where the majority of lectures etc take place to which they replied the "Richard Crossman and Charles Ward buildings." Now, being that im not familiar with these buildings and their locations, can anyone tell me which is the best and nearest accommodation to apply for....yesss i'm a lazy student who doesnt want to walk for miles on end to get to lectures!?
I'm not at CU (yet), but if you look at the prospectus and accom brochures and any Open Day literature you have, there are lots of maps on there. I bet there is one on the site as well somewhere, but I cannot remember!
cool thanks Ice_Queen and CJ. I've just checked out the campus map and it looks like Priory is the main halls of residence - i might just go for that!

Oh and CJ, i'm not a prospective student... im deff going Cov uni in sept - i've accepted an unconditional offer... i sooo can't wait to start :biggrin: :biggrin:

Have you got any general advice/thoughts on the uni
:doh: I read you were doing Occ' Therapy so I don't know why I put prospective :s-smilie:

Anyway, sounds good... not sure where to start as to general thoughts on the uni... maybe just to say try and join as many societies that interest you. There's tonnes to choose from.

But the Uni itself is good and the people are all pretty cool :biggrin:

So are you looking forward to Uni, or more on the nervous side?

EDIT: I'm not going to be around so much for the next few weeks, but i'll check every now and again, so don't think i'm ignoring anyone :p: :smile:

Well mixed feelings really. But if I had to pick out fo the two, I'm just ready and waiting to go more than nervous at the moment. I'm actually starting uni for a second time this time round. I originally started uni in sept 2005 along with the rest of my year group but had a false start....absolutely hated the course. So i quit that course and after a few life changing experiences and 2 years cut off my life time, here I am! I think the two years away from full time education (well it almost will be by the time i start again this sept) has done me good in many ways; one of them is this eagerness to go back!

When i went to the open day at cov i really liked the department and the general feel of it and almost decided that day that cov was the one. I just hope that i meet the right people and as you say, join societies that float my boat. I briefly read earlier about there being a TSR society/group at the uni?? :tsr:

Also, can you tell me more about Singer Hall? I heard that its single sex flats?? If this was teh case did you mix much with the other flats within the building? I've also heard that they put all the healthcare students in the same flats? God, all this seems kinda daunting - what is it like in general? Being that I havent applied for accommodation yet i'm kinda stuck for choice as its pretty late, but this singer hall seems good and is apparently still available. I was thinking of going for Priory earlier until i found it its catered...something i dont want - self catered all the way!
I hear that there building Raglan accommodation which is due to open in Sept. Now it sounds very good but the only thing on the uni website in small print is that it does not come with Rezinet Internet access - is that the uni network or something thats essential for course related info any student would need?
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Old hands. Not old people :P
That's awesome, I expect Chris and Dubstar to be there especially :biggrin:
I'm sure they'll be willing to help us on our feet. Us freshers can meet up without them on the first week if we can find a free night :P

I'll be there, I may not be at uni, but the way it's looking, even if I'm not I'll still be living just down the road from Singer.
Yeah, that's a bit like what it was for me. Coventry was the 2nd I looked at, and just seemed 'right'. Especially the department itself and the facilities. The others I looked at after just didn't seem right for me really.
And no, I don't think there's a TSR soc at Uni :p: although the more members we can get on here (and active) would be great.

Yeah, all ours was single sex and I only think they make the exception for certain circumstances. For example, just over from us I know there was a mixed flat, but only because they were all Chinese speakers.
As for healthcare students in the same building, that could be true... not too sure, we had one guy training to be a paramedic in our flat (a right mixed bunch of courses:rolleyes: )
Mixing with other halls shouldn't be too much of a problem. Some will be othre than others (closer entrances etc) but shouldn't be too problematic. Just don't expect to get to know everyone:p:

Not heard much of Raglan, so can't comment on that really...and for the Rezinet... erm... there's nothing I needed to access from the Uni internet that I couldn't get from a normal internet connection to be honest...the only thing that it might be to do with is getting files from the Uni servers, but whenever i've tried to do that it never worked anyway :mad:
I think it's just their internet service they provide.

cool, what are you studying/what year? I sooo cant wait to start! Singer sounds great (apart from the single sex flats) but im sure it'll be a worthwhile experience. It great how they say that its like a 3 minute walk to campus - that should make the mornings alot easier to cope with...with all those late nights n'all!

Also, if you like a little bit of responsibility, and get on with most people, becoming your course rep isn't such a bad idea... I became mine in Feb, and it was pretty good... but you'll be told more about that in Sept ;yes;

lol, I think starting uni will be enough for now!

As for accommodation, its all done now -sent it in the post today :biggrin:. I've put Singer as first choice, then St Margrets Street and Apollo. There was no chance of filling in all 5 options because i was even struggling to put down 3!

Wow, you seem to know your stuff well - the way you were posting earlier made it sound like you've been at cov uni for years!
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I agree with Chris about becoming course rep, I did it too and it doesn't take much time out of your schedule. I was instrumental in removing a terrible lecturer from one of our modules and according to alot of the students, ensuring they actually managed to pass because of the replacement lecturer.

Right, now back to doing bugger all :smile:
What does a course rep do? I'd heard of them before, and it sounded interesting.
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Heeey im gonna be starting at cov uni in sept, gonna be studying psychology :smile::smile:
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The main thing, is making contact with, and listening to your fellow students.

It is your duty during the year help sort out any problems the students may have. Be this by pointing them in the right direction, or by taking the problem to your course tutor etc... for them to be aware and help sort it.

You will sit on a Course Consultative Commity every term, and discuss all your modules with your course tutor. This is your chance to bring up issues that the students feel need addressing.

There will also be the chance to sit on faculty board meetings and help the Deans and staff understand how their faculty is running and what problems they have.
Ooooh sounds fun :smile: Thanks Dubstar!
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Is anyone going to the open day tomorrow? I live in Coventry anyway so its not exactly going to be a long journey.
Hey, does anyone know anyone with a corner room at Priory Hall? I'd like to know how big the rooms are (as opposed to non-corner rooms)...exact dimensions would be great, but I understand if you don't want to go up to someone and ask "Hey, can I tape-measure your room?" :smile:
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Hey, what are you thinking of studying and are you looking at any other unis?

Welcome to the thread :biggrin:

If I get the grades I'm going to do Law. Im also looking at Birmingham and Middlesex.
Thank you :biggrin:
As for accommodation, its all done now -sent it in the post today :biggrin:. I've put Singer as first choice, then St Margrets Street and Apollo. There was no chance of filling in all 5 options because i was even struggling to put down 3!

Agreed! I put Singer down for my first choice too. :smile:

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