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I am also yet to recieve an answer to my application for accomadation, what course are you taking in coventry

Coventry University
Coventry University
What actually happens in freshers week? There can't be that much to do?
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Anyone who hasn't sorted out accomodation yet...

One of our residents (7 room house) Is dropping out, so we will have a £50 a week room + bills available from mid september. In a mixed house.

If anyone is interested please feel free to PM me or add me to MSN to get more info.

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What actually happens in freshers week? There can't be that much to do?

Orientation with uni


Signing up to societies optional.
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What actually happens in freshers week? There can't be that much to do?

When is freshers week?
Hey, does anyone know when the first day fresher's can move in is (Priory Hall)? Mom is getting twitchy, and we haven't recieved any information on it yet.
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i still havent heard anything at all, sent my app with the money and still no answer, maybe its time to call up and see..
Yeah that's what I'm planning on doing. Cheers Chris!
Hello all!!

It's been a while since I've last posted on here but by the looks of things, people are same a similar problem with hhearing from the accommodation office.
Well I received a reply from them after about 5weeks after sendingmy choices. If its been any longer than this, try phoning them up. I went to see my room that I booked the other day and they seemed pretty busy at the office. It was really cool to finally see what I put my money down for - Singer Hall; anyone else going?
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I got my reply this morning - Singer Halls! :smile:
I got all my accomdation information through this morning- Singer Halls confirmed.
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got mine today too, singer hall!
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im bout to enter my 4th year at coventry..... i think its pretty good.... night life isnt to bad if u choose certain clubs on certain nights (student nights in particular) jaks on tuesday and ikon (sorry lava/ignite) wednesdays.

i lived in priory in my first year......was awesome and highly recomended.....yes its a bit grotty but it has the best social life out of all the other halls!!!!
I can't wait to meet all of you who are staying in Singer!

There seems to be quite a lot of you! :smile:
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is anyone staying in quadrant hall this year? or does anyone know if quadrant hall is any good to stay in? because i just got offered a place there.
Woo got my accom thing this morning! Priory hall, block G, room 17-1 :biggrin: Yay!
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hmm im thinking of moving from singer hall to sherbourne but i sent off my accomadation confirmation thing already, will it be too late to ring up 2moro to say i've changed my mind?
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basically i prefer the idea of having en suite and plus just found out a friend is staying there too so it'll be good to start off knowing one person...i hope i can move, i mean singer hall was limited space before shelbourne so maybe ppl would rather go singer then shelbourne allowing me an oppotunity to move :P
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Hey every1, i start coventry in Sept doing Occupational Therapy. I will be living at Priory Hall. Can any1 tell me when we will get our time tables! cheers
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Also any1 who is living in Priory hall or doing OT then please leave a message!

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