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can u use xbox live at coventry in the accomdation or is all the ports blocked like some unis :redface:
Coventry University
Coventry University
Where will you be living?
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singer hall :yy:
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can u use xbox live at coventry in the accomdation or is all the ports blocked like some unis :redface:

Yes, yes you can :smile:

Much TDU was played last year while I was in block 13 at singer.
singer hall :yy:

Me too! :smile:
Hey Freshers, less than a week to go :biggrin: How are we all feeling?!
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nervous/excited lol, normal i guess
Cool. I enrolled online today! Wheeee it's so close :biggrin: I can't wait to get out of here!
I am having trouble enrolling! :frown:

Having applied for a health course, my fees are paid for by the DoH. But there doesn't appear to be an option for this.

Help! :confused:
When I did it it asked me if I was a medical student, then had a drop down box saying that if I was who was funding it (although i'm not it was still there).

Is that not there on yours??

If in doubt, either give them an email, or wait till freshers, as not everyone will have enroled online.

All sorted! :biggrin:

I sent them an email, and they told me what option to select. I did find the option . . . . eventually!
Cool :smile:
I packed my clothes this morning. I'm working Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, so I thought it would be a good idea (having left enough out so I can wear clean clothes for the next few days)! My boxes are pretty much packed...I think I'm ready to go now!
My room, however, is a tip. There are boxes and a suitcase and loads of junk that I'm not taking, but put on the floor when I emptied my desk drawers...
Well done on being packed!

I haven't packed yet, but I have arranged everything into a huge pile, ready to be sorted.

I am just worried as to whether or not everything will fit into the car . . . . :s-smilie:
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Groovy chick
I haven't packed yet, but I have arranged everything into a huge pile, ready to be sorted.

Lol, same here! My pile's so big i've named it Mt Coventry Stuffs! Lol! ANYWAY, just wanted to ask anyone(sorry if its a stupid question), would i be allowed a kettle in my room? or would it be concidered a fire hazard?
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Nearly all packed.... leaving later today :eek:

Should be cool though... can't wait to join the gym again and get everything sorted.

Do you mean the uni gym or the town gym..... iv had student membership at the town gym for the last 3 years - (£99 for the year...not to bad) but when i enquired about it the other week they told me their not doing student offer this year and it'll cost nearly £400 for anytime acess!!!!!! :eek:

thats shocking....dont no wat im going to do this year!
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oh and does any one know where i can get a list of all the student nights during freshers week..... not just the SU ones (cause im sure current students might agree that the cov SU is not that great at times!!!!?????

eg i know from previous years

monday - SU
tuesday - Jaks
wednesday - Ikon (correction lava/ignite or watever its called nowadays!)

is there any thing else???????
I'm moving in today too!

See you all soon!
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Pffft I go off to climb the highest mountain in England, come back and they've redesigned the site :P

I dunno. Anyway yeah, I was in the Lake District for a week. I am now back, frantically doing some washing and packing, so that I'm ready to leave for Coventry tomorrow.

The things I do hey lol
Woo, Internet in my room now :biggrin:
How is everyone doing? All settled in yet?
We should definitely all meet up sometime guys!
I like it here :biggrin: Can you tell? :P
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Well I still haven't properly unpacked, but I have been out for a drink, and been in and met my course tutor etc...

I am rather liking the house :smile:
How was it? Some people went from my floor, but didn't notify me until they were getting ready- too late. I ended up going to Lloyds, Varsity, Mbargo and LavaIgnite.
Gotta love Fresher's week :biggrin:

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