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Can't actually join until Loan comes in, bit skintified. But...

Paint Ball

and possibly watersports, but I'm not sure yet
Coventry University
Coventry University
Hehe cool :P
I don't know yet, where can you sign up :P Possibly debate or drama if there are those around?
Lectures start tomorrow! Oh no! :s-smilie:

Is everyone prepared?
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50p drinks at demand on mondays with a 9am start on tuesdays :< so cruel
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50p drinks at demand on mondays with a 9am start on tuesdays :< so cruel

???? is that the one where co-poda used to be? hav they taken over the moday colly night then???? i like it!!!


oh...When and how do we get a coventry forum bit under the main uni thing????
if enough active users sign a petition for it :P
And I have a good week, but my Add+Vantage module screwed up. It clashed with a seminar, and now I might have to change to a Wednesday- my day off :frown: Darn!
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Aw that sux! my Add+Vantage modual starts next term, which im pretty happy about since iv already got a butt load of work to do! Oh, does anyone know where i go to sign up for a society? or is it too late?
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probs student union, or just turn up to a practise and ask
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hello, does anyone know if the university has a poker team at the moment, if not is there anyone here that plays poker and would be intrested in forming a team? cheers
Good news- Seminar was changed so no clash.
Bad news- No computer at room as it screwed up- resorting to cyber cage (two weeks with no computer so far!)
Other news- Yes, I believe there is a poker club :P
I bought books for most of my modules (except the ten credit ones). Killing my back already XD But hey, means to an end. And sat in an office all day...who needs a back :wink:
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Alright people, slightly off topic but basically my band is coming up to play in Cov next Thursday at JJ's, and I was wondering what the nightlife is like then? Is it the main student night?

We fancy a night out after, and obviously we'd hope that there is a few people there at least! Places to avoid etc would be greatly appreciated, apologies again for its randomness but I have no idea where else to post it, plus I value your feedback :wink:

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Hey guys, im living in priory hall and im having a pretty sucky time! Im living on a corridoor with 7 exchange students and its like they dont even want to no me! I was just wondering if anybody else is having a crappy time living in priory? Apart from this im loving the uni. Rock on coventry!
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Yeh i met a couple of guys on the floor above me but iv kinda drifted from them because i hardly see them around anymore.
The majority of the people on this corridoor are greman and spanish. Iv briefly talked to two of them but the convosation quickly dies down into an awkward silence, haha.
My course is awesome, iv got no complaints there, and as for the societies, iv been up to the SU quite a few times but the guy incharge of the sports and societies (andy i think hid name is) is never there. DO i actually need to go see him or can i pick up a form from sumwhere?
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Oh ok, cool. I was thinking of joining the athletics team, snowboarding soc and rock soc but someone told me coventrys rock soc isnt good for metal heads so i might give that one a miss!
Hello everyone!

How are you all getting on?

A question: where are the counselling services located, and how do you make an appointment? I've looked on the university website, but it appears to be not very helpful!
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Thinking of putting Coventry down as a choice for Journalism.

What's the atmosphere like on campus and in the city? Is there decent nightlife for students in Coventry?
Counselling is based in Priory Hall. Go in through the double doors (your ID card lets you in), past reception, near the vending machines. There is a lady at a desk, talk to her.

The atmosphere is great, there is always someone to talk to, everyone is really friendly :biggrin: I love it. Uni is a personal thing though, go there and see if you like it. I fell in love immediately I set foot there! The nightlife isn't great, but you can always go out to Warwick or Birmingham!
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Im going to cov next yr, i still haven't found one person that does my course...or atleast half of it!
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What are you going to be doing?

Spanish and International Relations joint honours :biggrin: ....

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