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Oh wow... I'd like to say I know someone doing that, but I don't :p:

Anyway, you decided on Coventry already? Do you know where you want to stay and such?

If you ever want to know anything just say and i'll try my best to help out :smile: (as will anyone else in the thread ;yes:wink:

Yup im going there without a doubt, its the only place that allows me to do a joint honours spanish without having the A-level. Im staying at home (Birmingham), i go to Coventry quite often, i don't really like the place, its to small and full of students lol some may like that but i like been able to get away...
Coventry University
Coventry University
Hey, I'm a new member and this place is awesome! I got an offer from Coventry but does anyone know how the point system work? Can my grades vary as long as I have the correct amount of points? They only asked for 80 points in Biology and a total of 260 points. Does anyone know?

thanks :smile: x x x

Hey... this should just mean that you need a C, B or an A in Biology, as long as you get 260 points in total. That's just to make sure you have the right knowledge for Biology I guess.

So as long as you get a 80 points in Bio' and decent enough results elsewhere, you'll be fine :top:
Not sure if I explained that all too well though :redface:

Can't believe i'm going to be in my final year in September :bawling:

Thank you very much. That's great! Wow final year, that's awesome. Are you studing Dietetics?

x x
Thank you very much. That's great! Wow final year, that's awesome. Are you studing Dietetics?

x x

oh my goodness I'm so sorry I just realised by your smilie that you were sad about leaving! oops soorry...
Hey, have you guys started looking for second year accommodation yet?
I'm kinda worried, a few of my friends are sorted, but I don't even know who I want to live with :s-smilie:
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Just realised I've been invited to an interview via email in Feb, yay :smile:
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Oooh, good luck :yy:

Applying for Journalism right? All the best :smile:

Yeah, Coventry is like my 4th choice, but most realistic if you get me, my grades suck.

It looks nice on the website, just all about student life that I've got to determine :smile:

Thanks, hopefully I won't mess it up.
Heh, I don't have a clue :P A lot of my course mates are going with the people they live with or staying in halls again.
All my flat mates, I don't really spend time with and wouldn't want to live with- I'm pretty sure they've got a house sorted somewhere already too.
All my other friends are going with either flat mates or course mates!
I don't think I really want to live in halls again, but am thinking of renting a room somewhere with some new people? I dunno though :s-smilie:

Yeah, it's been really great, I love Uni :biggrin: At Christmas, everyone was like "Uni really suits you, you look really good" I was so glowy :biggrin: My course is going OK, we've just got our module leader back, and she's mad as hell :biggrin: We're on a 'new regime' now, so I nicknamed her Hitler...and it's stuck :biggrin:

How has yours been?
Azza, awesome, I have a journalist friend. Brush up on your shorthand.

And WHY are we only your fourth choice! :P
Sounds like a similar-ish situation to what I was in last year ;yes;
I was never going to live with my hall mates and my closest group of friends didn't even live in halls and either commute from Brum or live in Cov :>.<:
So I had to find my own place... which luckily worked out really well. Having such a good time with my housemates :biggrin:

I'm sure I'll find something, I've been looking up rooms over Christmas. A lot of the ones up then were Jan starts, but meh. Do you know if landlords are pretty good about letting me stay over summer? I don't want to spend ten weeks at home!

Haha, Hitler :p: She sounds like a right laugh :rolleyes:

Aye XD She is our course leader and teaches one of the majpr modules, but was away from mid-October. No-one did brilliantly in the phase test (average was around 50-60%, I think 60% of the year failed, although some were due to computer problems) and she just went mad :P So now she's gone all dictatorish on us. Hitler :biggrin:

Yeah, mine's been good... not so glowy I expect :redface: but very much enjoying it ;yes; probably more so than last year actually... for a few reasons. Lots of work though, i've already had to do my research proposal fo my dissertation:

"A cross-cultural investigation into the past, present, and future value and impact of M-Commerce technologies".

*Puffs Cheeks* so yeah....:s-smilie:
But results are good, just waiting on a few, and got some groupwork before revision starts on exams (:frown:)

Eeek! I'm glad you know what that is supposed to be about :biggrin: I'm not looking forward to my dissertation- what the hell are you supposed to write ten thousand words on in Accountancy?!?!

Glad your results are OK :biggrin: I'm not doing so bad either, passing all of them to date! Mine don't count though :biggrin: I figure if I fail the year though, screw it, I'm going out to work.
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Our landlord will let people stay over summer, although obviously you then have to pay rent...

I think we've got all our rooms filled for next year.

3rd year will be fun though, everyone will be finished bar me... I'll be finding 6 new housemates then... Fun.
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Azza, awesome, I have a journalist friend. Brush up on your shorthand.

And WHY are we only your fourth choice! :P

Haha they're the only ones I've heard from so far, interview thing came through the post today too.

Is it really good? Don't be biased. :wink:
Hehe okay, I'll try and give a balanced opinion :biggrin:

Accommodation is good, especially places like Trinity Point and Callice Court! The catered places are OK, but are in very old buildings so meh.
The fact that it is a city campus is amazing- everything is so close :biggrin:
Nice courses, lovely lecturers :biggrin:
Nightlife not brilliant, but we have a nice selection of pubs and clubs, and you can always get the train to Brum or drive over to Warwick.
Lots of travel links.
Lots of focus on employment after Uni, so that's pretty good (as part of your course you will have to do an unrelated Add+Vantage module, which is fun and helps your 'employability')

And speaking of that, I've just realised I haven't done my ELP which was due in yesterday...*runs off*
already had interview for journalism/media, journalism/english and media production. really excited as my boyf is already up there. on ucas its says i have been acccepted and i have made my choices. scary. really loooking forward to coming up.
got a letter saying i will be invited for an applicant open day. anyone else heard about this.?
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what was the interview like? did you have to show a portfolio? for journalism/media by the way

mine's on feb 20th, i'm nervous! :frown:
Yeah, I found a house (or rather some drunk friends asked me if I wanted to move in with them at quite a cheap place!) and I can stay there over summer half price :smile:

I'm always negative about results :P I am kinda worried since if I don't get a 2:1 I won't be able to get where I want to go as quick as I want to get there. And summer internships are competitive- I need to do well this year and next too. I think I'm averaging a high 2:2, low 2:1 at the moment.
no, it was really laid back. you need to current affair stories. they will ask about a big story in the news. but wont have a go at you if you dont know much, like me. and then they will look at your portfolio. might ask a couple of questions about the work. also why do you want to take this course? what you hoping to achieve from this course. but its not as scary as everyone thinks. its just a conversation about journalism/media.
good luck, you'll be fine.
hey guys, just joined student room. I'm in my second year at cov doing international Relations and politics, really really having the time of my life. and priory is the best place to live in the world in your first year! :biggrin: if anyone wants to know anything about uni feel free to ask, im living in a house with 2 other girls now, tis nice. anyways yeah, if you wanan know anything just ask? just out of interest, is anyone doing a similar course to me or potential students looking at doing summat similar?
sup. I'm on first year Transport Design at cov, and it always seems to trump everyone else's university whenever I go home and talk with others about what they're doing.

Agreed on what most people say about coventry. Being a city campus, everything is real close, it makes getting about really easy, especially if you have a bike or something. Like a Sinclair C5.

Anyway, go to Coventry. GO THERE FASTER.
Im in my final yr at Cov Uni and lived in Trinity the 1st 2 yrs and now im in Liberty. Im absolutely lovin it here..the uni is very friendly and there's always loads goin on. Nightlife is not too bad, there are heaps of pubs/bars..and Ikon is a really good club too!! I've only been Leamington once on a night out, sometimes go to Birmingham!! Its good to have other places to go to..but at the end of the day you could be anywhere but as long as your with the right people, your bound to have a Fab time!!

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