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I've just recieved an e-mail inviting me to an interview in Feb :shock:
Coventry University
Coventry University
hey guys, just joined student room. I'm in my second year at cov doing international Relations and politics, really really having the time of my life. and priory is the best place to live in the world in your first year! :biggrin: if anyone wants to know anything about uni feel free to ask, im living in a house with 2 other girls now, tis nice. anyways yeah, if you wanan know anything just ask? just out of interest, is anyone doing a similar course to me or potential students looking at doing summat similar?

Who do I know that is doing that course? *racks brain*
Dammit. No idea. Whereabouts in Priory do you live anywho?
my boyf is at uni, he stays singer hall. what do people think. it looks really nice, and gonna try and get in there.
Singer is nice, yeah go for it :smile: No need to try, as long as you apply by the deadline you'll probably get in :P
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Anyone else got any news from Cov or goin gto Cov in Septemeber 08?!?!
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This is gonna get ugly, we now have 2 rooms to fill next year, and the guys that were/are interested in them are dragging they're feet like you wouldn't believe. *sigh*

Also having arguments with regards to bills at the moment, it's sooo much fun. All that aside though, I am enjoying my time here.

Being a first year who did a foundation year last year is wierd in some respects in that I already knew about all the how the uni works stuff that I'm sitting through with my course mates. But it has been such a help.

Loving the freedom living in a house gives aswell, certainly the space available to sit with your housemates without all congregating in one room. Although not having to worry about bills in halls was nice.

Again I'm happy to answer any questions people have got, (I'm doing Business Administration, and lived in Singer last year)
Anyone else got any news from Cov or goin gto Cov in Septemeber 08?!?!

Providing that all goes well, I'll be starting (again!) reading Digital Forensics and System Security. I've been given an unconditional offer. :smile:
I'll be living at home though.
when do we hear about accomadation? i want it all to happen now. its taking aaaages for me to get to uni lol.
You been before, Vlad?

Yes, I started reading BEng Civil Engineering at Cov, but had to drop out due to personal circumstances. I've sorted my life out now and I'm dying start again...
My main worry now is student finance... I'm not exactly in the simplest of situations. The Student Finance Direct people have reassured me a bit, but I know how fast things can change when it comes to the Student Loans Company :rolleyes:
when do we hear about accomadation? i want it all to happen now. its taking aaaages for me to get to uni lol.

I'd imagine you'll start hearing after they've processed all the UCAS applications.
I actually knew I'd have my room at the applicants day- I even got to choose it :smile:

Am I the only one? I've not found anyone else who could choose their room, or even that booked on applicant day.
Hey cov peoples :smile: *wavey*

I'm going to cov in sept' 08 to study law. Already live in cov so i'll be living at home, rather than uni accommodation.

Btw guys, if we can get regular active posters/postees we can get coventry its own forum :smile:
Oooh Law, a girl on my floor studies Law. Get saving for textbooks.

Meh, why do we need our own forum? This thread is dull enough most of the time :P
Well, that's the point - it's dull so nobody posts on here!

I don't see why Coventry can't have its own forum, too!

So, do your duty mofo :p: get posting :biggrin:
Well liven it up a little :P Coventry isn't a popular Uni, especially for the types of people that come on here with all their A*s and what not. We're a lower tier ex-poly, and the people who ARE here are here to do courses nowhere else does (Disaster Management, etc.) or because they loved the atmosphere (like me). Not because of the reputation, and because this is a forum full of ambitious little students, they're applying to Oxbridge, Durham, Warwick, Bath, etc.
So really, any questions don't deserve their own thread, they can come in here.
The Uni sub-forum policy is a good one- we don't need one!
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were a good uni for automotive and school of art and design-best place in world for automotive ford ka came from here and euro star. Depends what course you want to do. Its the only place with those fashion facilities, that are this new and the standard to get in for fashion has got so high now they are really picky.
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p.s my housemate does law too! :smile:
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when do we hear about accomadation? i want it all to happen now. its taking aaaages for me to get to uni lol.

You usually get sent a pack after you have confirmed cov as ur first choice then hav accepted offer. Live in Singer :smile:
Oh god DAMN !! What the hell is it with all the random unsubscribing :mad:

Haha Chris, you KEEP doing that.

Awww, poor you. You sound almost as bad as Stu, he doesn't stop complaining either.

Hehe did you watch the rugby? I managed to predict who'd win every game yesterday and I was right. Bloody hell though, Wales thrashed Italy!

Easter? That's weeks away, silly :P

Me work is coming on fine, am passing all my exams. Does anyone know Keith Gray? (Economics...and he's a doctor). He set us coursework without telling us, and has now extended the deadline by ONE WEEK (gee,'s a group coursework)...we're unhappy.

We had this horrible 181ACC exam (Management accounting), we're still waiting on the results for that. I'll keep you updated.

Least my marks don't count this year as long as I pass :biggrin:
I know :bawling: I don't know why it does it... to annoy me I reckon.

And yeah, I did catch most of the Rugby, mainly the England game :cool: and what with having a French housemate, double :cool: :cool: I missed most of the other games though, but Wales have been pretty solid so far ;yes;
Dunno if you follow footie, but there was an awful challenge on Eduardo of Arsenal yesterday :s-smilie: really, really bad... hope he gets well soon.
And Easter is SO not long away :frown: ok, maybe it is...damn. Ah well, it'll creep up on everyone no doubt.
And no, never heard of that guy... sounds great though, setting coursework without telling anyone :>.<: Lucky I guess that I havn't had any exams yet, they'll be post-Easter no doubt. So good luck in your exam result :yy:

Anyway, got this DAMN coursework to near complete... I really did draw the short straw:

My bit = 18marks for; 5 page questionnaire; getting 20 responses; 5 page results breakdown; 1 results collection; and now 3 pages of final report spec

My group mate = 18 marks for; 3 pages of simple marketing stuff we've done in class

:mad: :frown: Ah well.... back to it...

I shall try and quote you at all times to remind you then :P

Yeah, a French friend of mine was with us, screaming at the television the whole time. Very funny :smile: We were singing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" and he was just "lalala I can't hear you........"

No, I don't follow the football at all, it's a boy's game! Give me the MEN that play rugby any day of the week.

Yeah he's a twit. Don't like him much. Was mouthing "I hate you so much" at him, pretty sure he can lipread after the shake of the head and the look he gave me. Although he looked amused, so I don't know. exams after Easter...these are all just phase test 2. Bleh. Good luck in your exams too!

Why don't you take a higher percentage of the marks then? That's what I'd do :P Enjoy it :wink:

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