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Ball Hill got a Tesco Express ;thumbsup;

Dead chuffed with that... Just more options within a 5 minute walk :biggrin:

That is all.

Ball Hill? Where is that? I want Tesco without a bus ride!!!
Coventry University
Coventry University
6am-11pm 7 days a week, I am actually loving it :biggrin:

sorry, non-student hi-jacking your thread there :P
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i do tesco delivery i order it in bed infront of the tv then its with me the next morning sure the delivery is expensive but u cud do it with ur housemates n all out a quid in. asda is good too and much cheaper delivery than tesco. if u cant get anywhere n want cheap food, market is amazing for fruit like a whole bag of fruit for a £1 and iceland 30 burgers for £2 its all about iceland :biggrin: sainsburys is ok if u buy the value stuff but carring it is annoyin. and theres the number 4 bus which takes u straight to the ricoh areana tesco which is huge and is every 10 mins!!

solution for everything! xx
I have been invited for a physiotherapy interview next week. I was wondering whether anyone else has been.
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is anyone going to coventry this summer in 2008...for undergrad
Reply 425 any1 goin for a businns course this september to coventry...
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Ah due to a change in circumstances i'm staying in coventry now. Priority accommodation goes live on the 31st March for those who have firmed Cov. I shall be staying in Raglan, anyone else?
Raglan is alright, haven't got any mates in there.

Why does no-one like Priory!

Hey Chris, did I tell you I sorted tat accommodation? Well everyone has bloody backed out leaving me £100 down!!!!!! Have found another place in Earlsdon now though :smile: Where are you living these days?
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Ah, Raglan house, aye?

My friend lives there at the moment, and I was only a stones throw in Singer. Not a bad place to live tbh... only issue is that in Singer you know you're going to be sharing with 5 others, whereas in Raglan it could be with just 2... although I think you put a preference if i'm not mistaken. But yeah, nice :top:

ONLY issue I have with that is the nosy students watching me when i'm waiting for my mate to go play pool. There's a guy on the 1st floor that looks onto the road and just stares at me :s-smilie: a bit weird... doesn't even try to hide the fact either...nosy git.

What you due to study Crissi?

So i won't definately be in the house with 5? aww thats ok though. Well priority registration goes live at 2pm. Maybe the guy wants to be your friend lol!...Even though i'd be thinking differently if it was me. Im hopefully should be study History and International Relations (i changed it, it was once Spanish and IR). Im actually getting excited i cannot wait! Ijust need to focus and get them grades now...6 months to go. I need to start sorting things out im in need of a lol
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No, no... you might get with 5, and chances are you will, i was just saying a few you share with less. I think those are mainly for those that don't want to share with so many, but not really sure.

And 'wants to be my friend' :rofl: I dunno, a bit odd though...

Cool :yy: good luck, not heard anyone doing that course but should be good :smile: That 6 months will fly by, honestly... just get the grades, enjoy summer then look forward to Uni :cool: :biggrin:

Best of luck !

Thank you, i am more than looking forward to it! Its amazing how things changed, first i didn't care about uni or living away and now i cannot wait! Aww due to technical glitches priority accommodation doesn't go live until April 2nd! Why does that seem like such a long way away?
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Priority accommodation went live today! You can chose 5, i put Raglan was my first, i hope i get it. If the reference number they give out is based on the amount of people who have requested accommodation I'm like the 302nd person. I hope i get Raglan...
i cant register my details.

"ERROR: Your personal details have not been validated successfully. Please re-enter your details or contact Student Accommodation at [email protected]. "

wat is up :frown:
ok faNx :biggrin:
Yay it works now ^_^

im applying for accomodation..
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raglan, trinity and callice are the nicest accomdations in terms of what you get imo, priory is a bit grim from what ive seen, 1 of my mates there gets water leaks through the ceilings and stuff, the unite and singer accomdations probably have the best atmospheres
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Thought I'd get this out there again, incase anyone is still looking for accommodation for next year. We have 2 rooms in our house available for next year.

Rent does not include bills, however if anyone is interested, I can supply more information about what the bills have been like this year on request by PM.

Otherwise, the landlord can be contacted by phone on 07866 686258
You still looking, Stu?

And Priory isn't that bad really.

Any first years after a single room for next year (i.e. their second year is 2008-2009), PM me :p:
Sorry, this is just worthy of a double post.

Which fricking ****** thinks it funny to SET OFF FIREWORKS in Priory Hall at 2.40am?
And which fricking ******S do I have to push past to get through the smoke on my way down as they are GOING UP TO HAVE A LOOK.

Bloody hell, these people are studying for DEGREES.
Y'ouch :s: How high up are you? Where are they setting them off?

Can understand that though, had some right pain in the arse people in Singer. Couldn't have survived without ear plugs that's for sure (was nearish the road, so everyone kinda passed my room going to and from town, that sucked :mad: )

Notice my insomnia... i'm not even tired :frown:

Seventeenth floor. I went through smoke about floor eight on my way down, but I overheard a security guard talking about the third floor, so not sure.
I can't even be arsed to go back to bed now. I only got about an hour or so.
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Hi, i'm a prospective student who will be doing journalism and media at coventry this september. can anyone please tell me whether its worth coming to because i'm an international transfer student and i've got an offer for second year at stirling but coventry's given me third. i'm so confused so if anybody could just please give me an honest opinion about coventry i'd be so grateful. Thank you! =)
PS: if i come to coventry what's the best place to live in? (which one's most fun and in not bad condition and most lenient with visitors?)

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