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can u find a job in coventry
Coventry University
Coventry University
does anyone famous go coventry like the sultan of brunei
so are you going to be in coventry this september
Me? Yeah, I think I have to be properly back on the 22nd September...

Not sure exactly when freshers is though so will probs go back for that... when do you have to be there for?

I thought Freshers started on the 22nd, and we started back on the 29th? Will be there for Freshers anyway XD
i dont even know...

remember to wear your name tag!!!:p:
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hey people,
Did any1 recieve their welcome pack?? i didnt :s-smilie: or maybe cuz im an international student. can any1 help me please???
wt does it contain btw???
Susannah, no-one will be wearing name tags :p: But you'll probably find me around the Performing Musicals section of Freshers Fair.
Bryan, not sure on whether they've been sent out yet or not, and I can't remember what they contain, but it'll be stuff like your map, enrolment information, more on your accommodation and dates, etc. etc.
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Thank you Ice_Queen :biggrin:
Does any1 else know what does the welcome pack contain exactly???
another question- is there any atm machines for HSBC bank in Coventry (close to the university or city center)?????
please help me people
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Hi Bryan123, there is definately a HSBC bank with ATM machines in coventry city centre .. maybe more than 1 even. it is about a 10 minute walk from the university. i know this as i live there :yep: :smile: hope that helps.
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thank you funkyvee:smile:. It was a stupid question btw, but i just wanted to make sure :colondollar:
and now i just want to know what does the welcome pack exactly contain??? and what exactly happens in the international student welcome week??? help me guys
Yup, there are a couple of HSBC machines, but unless you're a foreign student you won't have trouble using any of the others- the student union one (Priory Street) in particular is useful as it gives out fivers :smile: A lot of the machines have a habit of not working though, so it can take a while and a walk to get your cash :wink:
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thanks Ice_Queen you people are very helpful! how is the weather like in coventry?? what kind of clothes should i bring with me??
do you think its too late for me to apply for bursary now
did you get a bank loan too
this is confusing...where do u apply =/
yeh i've done the forms thing already...ok i'm going to call the uni tomorow

thanks again !!:wink:
0K Thanks :biggrin: ur teh best
I am pretty sure when you apply for the loan you automatically apply for the bursary, although I may be wrong. Don't forget any scholarships you might have.
As for the weather...I assume "ldn" in your location might be London? In which case less pollution, but it's still English weather so pack a variety of items. We DO have clothes shops in Coventry, after all!
is there a shopping cntre
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is there a shopping cntre

Something like that. Its tiny, the shops aren't great either. I suggest you take a train to Birmingham...

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