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And me :biggrin: Who has put it as her firm mwahaha.
I think they said don't put down the deposit as you can't get it back if you decide not to go there, so you're £100 out of pocket.
Coventry University
Coventry University
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Guess I was really quite lucky to know I was coming here early on.

If you know where you're going, and there's an obvious choice of accomodation, I'd be sure to get it sorted so you can end up where you want to be.

Saying that, I've still got to find a new housemate for our 7th bedroom for next year, so we can kick the annoying guy out :P
I'm lucky, ever since I set foot in CU, that's where I wanted to go. I've chosen my room and everything :biggrin:
Sorry I can't help you Dubstar, maybe the year after :P
Hi, I'm coming to coventry in sept, I llive in Leamington though so will probably just drive. I was wondering if anyone knows of the best place to park i.e cheapest?! Thanks Sarah
Also whats the deal with trinity point ant raglan house halls? Are they privately owned?
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you av to put a £100 deposite down lst wk. for u2gt a secure place4 accomodation
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Is anyone currently studying to go to coventry at the moment and to study law?
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trinity point the big thing about that is u av an en suite which is good and all however what they dont tell u is u av to pay £170 for electricity for the whole yr but if some one in your six room flat goes over the deposit u will not get it bk at the end.
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Didn't gt accpeted in2 kings coventry 4 dietetics 4 me :smile: it'll do.
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"it'll do?"

It's not a bad place at all, I think anywhere is what you make of it.

Uh other points, yes Trinity, Liberty and Raglan are privately owned.

I've been in and out of Leamington alot this week (I spend a lot of time snitterfield/stratford way), depends how far you want to walk tbh. If you can get in early then Singer is good to park near.

Ice Queen >> I'll keep that in mind when it comes to the end of the year :wink:
Didn't gt accpeted in2 kings coventry 4 dietetics 4 me :smile: it'll do.

I've accepted Coventry to study Dietetics too.
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kl! u looking forward to it? I've actually got to start with a foundation year in science because i don't have the appropriate A-levels needed to do dietetics.
Ah right thanks Dubstart, Yeh i recently moved from stratford (rents still live there, tis a nice place).

YEh i was thinking that halls would be agood place to park, but was wondering if you needed a permit or something?
Haha Dubstar :P Do you invite all girls into your homes like that, or just the pretty ones?

And does anyone know what parking is available for students and how much it costs? I'm going to be at Priory and am debating whether to take my car.
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Ok then, more points to make:

Foundation years are cool, I'm currently on a business one and have found it a really useful introduction to uni life and uni learning.

Parking spaces are available at Singer Halls for £90 a year, I'm not sure if it's only Singer residents they're for though. You'd best ring up and find out. (Singer having parking spaces was the main reason I went there, but now think it's one of the better places. Feels like a holiday camp)

And yes, I'm a friendly person, will open my doors to most people if they're nice enough :P
Meh I can't be bothered :P Mr Spiffy (my car) can stay here. Save me some cash.

And I'm lovely :smile:
im taking my car up to cov with me . i think trinity point has parking, which is where im staying:biggrin:
is anyone else staying there??
Priory for me. We could meet up though, no bans between houses!
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I know a few people staying at trinity, they seem to be enjoying it, I think they have a limit on how many visitors you can have at a time though.

As for parking spaces, yeah they have some, didn't think it was that many though, and I think they were pricier than singer was.

(Yes I'm bigging up Singer Halls again lol)
You should stop doing that :P Priory rules all!

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