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At uni we can study in USA for a year but it doesn't count towards our degree so basically when we come back we will be in a different year group, and due to the fact my degree was restructured after my year group it would be unlikely the modules will be the same. So my course is 4 years - 2008 - 2012 (but if I took the year abroad it will be between 3rd and 4th year so extending my graduating day to 2013).

Pros for BEI:
* Study in USA for a whole year.
* Tuition fees are mostly covered.
* Lodging provided.
* New culture
*Interesting experience.
* Sun tan
* Different modules.

Con for BEI:
* It doesn't count one iota towards degree.
* I will have to graduate a year later.
* Be in a different year from best friends.
* Have to have money for leisure time and due to the fact that study is more intensive in USA, I would have little time for a job or anything. (don't even know if the visa would allow it either!).

If you have the opportunity and considering the facts would you choose to study in usa.

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