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    Basically...me and this guy have been friends for around 3 years. we're very close - always have been but not in a bother/sister way. we are really good friends but we've always had something between us.

    a couple of months ago he was talking to my friend and she must have brought me up and he was all like i don't know how i feel about her, i want to know how she feels first. he started being all touchy touchy,grabbing my waist, playing with my hair. He finally told me he was into me & we've both agreed we don't want a full blown relationship.

    the only problem is...since he told me how he feels hes started ingoring me when he sees me. he will sit and talk to my other friend who clearly likes him herself and i'm sure he does it to irritate me since he only talks to her if im around. but then he will text me and sit on msn till 2 in the morning just talking to me. he tells me he doesn't do this with anyone else but it just baffles me how hes suddenly running hot and cold on me.

    the thing is we aren't a couple but we act like one in a lot of ways but i don't want to be his personal sket. i told him this and he said he wouldn't mess me about but i'm not sure with him.

    what do you think is going on with him?

    There are so many threads about this 'hot and cold' situation. I'm in one myself right now. I'd love to hear a guy's point of view on the matter. why do they act this way? What does it mean? Because when you ask them upfront, they never tell you the truth.
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