Help with a TOK essay - need guidance on my points

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hi guys im new to the forum and gotta say that after browsing around it looks pretty good!
but anyways, im looking for some help on a Theory of Knowledge essay. it's not due for a couple weeks, but I don't want to end up having to do it last minute and i'd like to do a good job on it.
its part of the may 2005 list, question 1:

For some people science is the supreme form of all knowledge. Is this view reasonable or does it invovle a misunderstanding of science or knowledge?

so these are just some brainstorming ideas i have right now:

-unreasonable because science cannot answer many questions - does not influence emotion and language in ways of knowing

-can view things from a scientifical perspective as well as through other disciplines - what makes the scientifical one superior?

-if one unconditionally accepts what science brings, will have conflicting knowledge (contradicting theories etc.)

-misunderstanding of knowledge = you can never know something, only come to a conclusion on something. this lies at the foundation of science, therefore if science is supreme form of knowledge, you will never know anything (at the same time this could apply to anything not just science)

so what do you guys think? i'm in the very preliminary stages so i know my ideas arent the greatest at the moment
any suggestions at all appreciated, thanks guys
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