How does Oxbridge view the Scottish Baccalaureate?

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    I am taking Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry all at Advanced higher. At higher I should get As in all these subjects but in english I am worried I will end up with a C, if it's a good day a B.

    Now I want to apply to Cambridge and I really want to make up for a possible C at higher level with the best 6th year possible, so with 5 sciences. Also this project idea really appeals to me. However I am concerned that writing up a 4th (5th if you count my summer bursary project) report will be taxing and I have no idea how boring/interesting I will find the write up. Then there is of course the problem of too much work. I can't tell, I've never really been pushed to my limits - not where science is concerned. I really couldn't say if I'd find the Baccalaureate too much to handle with my previous subjects.

    I wouldn't want to take the risk of a science baccalaureate if Oxbridge won't value it as good. I've heard rumors that they don't really look at it. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how Oxbridge value a baccalaureate when added to 4AHs?

    I've never heard of the thing, and as far as I remember, the only thing mentioned in Cambridge's scottish qualifications section are highers+AHs.
    If you want to do more, just do AH mechanics, with maths and physics it's a doddle.

    The Scottish Bac's just a fancy name for a collection of specific subjects with an interdisciplinary project, isn't it? So I suspect that how much they're interested in it depends strongly upon how worthwhile you can make the project.
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Updated: May 25, 2010
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