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As people are being out filtered through the various processes Cambridge have devised I was wondering about Gap Years.

This is only really relevant to those who are considering re-applying next year.

I am going on to study English Lit. (hopefully at Cambridge - either this year or next.) If I am not taken out of the pool I was thinking about what I may do in a Gap Year.

I thought people may want to pool (sorry ) their ideas here.

I was thinking about going to teach English abroad - maybe Japan or Russia. Whilst I would enjoy this, it would probably not focus on literature but language. Does anyone have any ideas for something literature based (preferably abroad and paid) but other ideas are welcome too.

Also it would be interesting to see what others would do in their time off?

Although it is most obvious in a subject like maths, I think it's true to say that taking a year out can be detrimental to a person's knowledge of their subject. Obviously reading helps but I reckon it would be better to combine that with something more practical but also educational to some extent.

So basically I'd be interested to know what everyone thinks they may do!

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Hmm yes I would be interested too... my teachers recommend that I reapply if I want to, so if I were to I would like some gap year ideas.
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