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Broad Lane Court

Ive just found out my im going 2 b living in broadlane court, but im startin 2 worry a bit as all ive heard is bad things!!!! such as its on the edge of the red light district, it mainly accomadates postgrads , just wondered is anyone else going to be living there and is it really that bad!!!
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Ive just found out my im going 2 b living in broadlane court, but im startin 2 worry a bit as all ive heard is bad things!!!! such as its on the edge of the red light district, it mainly accomadates postgrads , just wondered is anyone else going to be living there and is it really that bad!!!

what course are you doing? becasue it's literally across the road from the engineering block and is therefore ontop of the uni itself! it looks really nice from the outside when i saw it.
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Im doing urban studies and planning, which is nearish to broadlane i think judging from the map, i would of much prefered to go into halls but there all full!!!
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I can't speak for how good it is, but I will certainly recommend that as soon as you get there, ring up the halls you fancy and ask if they have some form of "waiting list" to change accommodation. You never know, there may be people in these halls wishing to move elsewhere too, so anything's worth a try I guess. With the halls hosting 3300 in total (That includes the newly-built forge) I'm sure someone will wish to move elsewhere in the first few weeks.
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Hey marie, I'm doing a similar course to you, the landscape architecture with planning one, i was torn between that and urban studies! Anyway I'm in the same kinda situation with accomodation. I applied for catered halls first but got rejected and didn't get into my 2nd choice either which was Crewe flats.

I got a letter through today telling me I'm gonna be living in Victoria Hall (self catered near the city centre faaaaar away from the catered halls) which i don't mind cos it looks modern and i get an en-suite :biggrin: I don't think it's that far from where you're staying either and I've heard a mixture of good and bad things but to be honest I'm just gonna go and find out for myself cos it's my decision. Apparently its about 300 post grads and 200 under grads in Victoria Hall, maybe like where you're going, but we will be put with other under grads anyways so it don't really matter. Also, my course will mainly be held in the arts tower and geography/planning block so I'll have less far to go to get there from the area that I'm staying in, and you're even luckier cos it's less than 5 mins for you! If you don't like where you're staying you can always request to move and they would usually be helpful to you.

I have heard that Broad Lane Court is on the edge of the red light district but i haven't heard of any related trouble. Also i think quite a few people seemed to say it is a nice place to stay and in a good location: right near the uni, close to the city centre and on the tram link. Theres plenty of worse places, seriously... look at Sorby!!! Once you get there and make friends you'll have no worries. Good luck, and if you wanna know anything else I'll try my best to help :smile:
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ahh thanks, im still a bit worried about getting curb crawled!!! but it cant be that dicey else they wouldnt put i bunch of young students there!!! hopefully
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I'll be at Broad Lane Court too and I'm not a postgrade student. I booked there because most of my friends that went there last year told me it was allright. No problems and well-located. Well, we'll see...Bye!
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hey just to say-i'm going into BLC too! and like you i'm not overly keen, but i guess it won' make too much difference, just means we have to make more of an effort 2 b social. wot flat u in?
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its split into post grad and under grad blocks I think. So you'll be with other undergrads I expect. I didn't like the way it was set up for post grads its not necessarily going to be the same for undergrads. The pros are its ina great location. Really close to uni you can fall their out of bed practically. Its v. near tesco on west street and bugens and very close to all the bars. As long as you make sure you get involved in groups and stuff I'm sure it would be ok.

I got kerbcrawled twice in a whole year which really isn't that bad and both times just ignoring them did the trick just be careful not to walk around alone at night (the same goes for the whole of sheffield it is a city after all and you shouldn't be running about in the dark on your own as a woman. You can get free rape alarms at freshers which makes you feel secure). i found it quite noisy (outside noise) but that isn't going to bother you much as an undergrad, undergrad life is really noisy and active so it isn't going to bother you at all. I did slate it a bit but it prob was a bit harsh of me. Ending up there really isn't the end of the world, the rooms are big and they aren't bad flats.
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Hi! I'm going to be living at Broad Lane Court, doing English Literature. I'm in flat 33, pleased to hear other people are going to be there, i was scared i'd be all by my lonesome!!
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Nice well i feel a bit better about it now anyways
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Hiya! Im going to be living in Broad Lane Court (flat 21). Im really nervous now, i hope its nice there!
So we're neighbours 'cause i'm on 22:smile:. Bye!
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im in flat 18. BLC looks fine to me, right near all the bars hopefully, easy to stagger home at night.
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Hey, I was in BLC last year and enjoyed living there. The flats are quite big and I had a MASSIVE room cuz it was en suite. Even the normal rooms are big though compared to other halls. I feel for anyone on the top floor this year though, as last year it was def a pain to drag myself up the stairs after a night out!!

BLC is on the edge of the red light district, but as long as you go out and come back in groups its not really an issue. It's nice to be so close to west street, saves on taxi money/having to walk miles in heels and it is so close to uni and the city.

Good luck to everyone moving in n enjoy ur yr at BLC, I did!
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hey!! im moving in 2 BLC 2moz and im in Flat 36 Room 3!!! hope 2 c u all ther!!!
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Yesterday, I had a very long nightwalk to spot the area. I met those women working by giving things some men could not have without money :wink: It's such "picturesque"... I chatted with them. It must be so hard to work in those conditions...