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Maths coursework- help! Mayfield High Statististics watch

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    Hi Evryone, I am Emily, 16 from Birmingham. I am mega stressed out, i have got to do coursework on Myafield High School stastics, i havent got a cloue what to do or where to find out my information! HELP!!!! please help me ifyou can! from Emily.

    hi im doing the same but what year group are u doing and are u doing weight height iq or wat email me back at [email protected] and ill hel;p u
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    hiya thankyou for reading my post and replying to me, i am in year 11, i havent a clue where to start with this so i dont knwo what i am doing because i dont know where to get hold of the information. i hope to hear from you soon, add me to your msn if you have it [email protected] i hope to hear from yuo soon
    form emily

    Wow. Im emily and im 16 too. KEWL!!! Anyway do you still need help or have u finished it because im doing that exact same coursework at the mo and understand it so will give u info if u want. But it depends if u still need it and what u need. Soz if im too late. Email me at [email protected]

    hey dont worry i just got my mayfield high coursework back and they told me i had to re-do the hole thing!! so dont worry!! just think that we only have to do this for a few more months and then we get to leave! **** happens so dont stress!! have a long relaxation time and worry bout it tomoro!! good luck

    hamish( my names not really hamish by the way!!)

    somebody pleeasse help us.our coursework woz sposed 2 b in a month ago and we havnt started!! what r u sposed to include 2 get highest mark and where do u get the info from??!! wb QUICKLY its life or death for us!! our teacher is as useful as a blind guide dog.

    I haven't started either, and don't know what to do, but our school has been kind enough to put the info on the school network, i will upload it to my website and give you access to the data, you can find what you need here, http://timksfgsite.250free.com/GCSE_...t_Mayfield.xls you need microsoft Excel to open this, now can someone give me info on what to do for this, e-mail me at [email protected] thanx.

    Short list:
    Specify your problem ; height v weight, IQ v ave. hrs of tv
    Make Hypothesis (What you think is true)
    Plan what data you need and what you will do with it.
    Collect data: random sample (best stratified)
    Summarise your sample data (averages, cumulative frequency, boxplot)
    Look for relationships: scatter graphs, correlation, line of best fit
    conclusion: refer to your hypothesis, and whether your graphs support this.
    Evaluate: plan, sampling, any limitations to sample, how you can extend (ie do boys and girls separately, compare to another year)

    If you have time: do the extension to improve your marks.
    Hope this helps

    I think www.coursework.info have the mayfield courseowkr


    im in year 10 and i am doin mine, and it sux

    I'm also doing it, and i dont have a clue what im doing, could some1 please send me an example or help or anything?

    [email protected]

    So far ive:

    Said what im looking at. (Height and Weight or Year 11 Boys and Girls)

    Made 3 hypothesis
    1. The taller the person the greater the weight.
    2. Males on average weight more.
    3. Males on average are taller.

    I've collected 30 year 11 boys and 30 year 11 girls.

    I havnt a clue what to do next.

    [email protected]

    Please help


    Hi i'm Chris, im doing this mayfield high school data handling but i don't teally know what to do next.

    My hypothesis are:
    compare the height and weight of pupils in ks3 and ks4.
    is the increase in the amount of television watched by pupils in year 11 reflected by their size.

    So far I have done:
    cumulative frequency for height abd weights of pupils in ks3 and ks4.
    freaquency polygon for heights and weights of pupils in ks3 and ks4.

    Please help me im really stuck and this has to be in next week.
    What do I do next.
    Could you send me step by step plan plzzz

    If you have any helpful info plzz e-mail me: [email protected]

    Hello I'm in year 10 doing this course work. I am finding it a bit tedious rather than hard. Height and weight is the best thing to follow. Below I have listed the things you MUST include to get the grade.

    Grade C
    Use continuous data, not something like hair colour or ks2 results.
    Frequency Polygon
    Frequency Diagram
    Histogram (Not bar chart)
    Averages (Mode,Mean,Median and range)
    Interquartile Range (for instance [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8] 6 - 3 = 3)
    Box Plot
    Scatter Diagram
    Explain clearly why you have used each method

    Grade A
    Same as grade C but also :
    An Advanced histogram
    Use stratified sampling

    Hope this helps

    dont worry i can help. log on to www.mathscw.co.uk/mayfieldhigh my new site will show you what to do. iv broken it down so it is a piece of piss to do. trust me i can def help you

    i am doin this i have
    collected height and weignt data
    from all years to get the right amout for this i stratisfied it
    for eg i want 40 pieces of data so to find out how many yr 7s i do 282/1183 x 40 =9.5 so i will choose 9 yr 7s and i do this for each year

    all the numbers really mean no. in year / total in school x amount of data u want

    then i drew a scatter graph and then wrote about it
    after this u do spearmans rank correlation and stabdard deviation for it

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    dont worry i can help. log on to www.mathscw.co.uk/mayfieldhigh my new site will show you what to do. iv broken it down so it is a piece of piss to do. trust me i can def help you

    i tryed ur site......da link dnt work :'(

    Im doing it too! Im stuck with sampling. ANyone help??? [email protected] - add me to msn or email me please!! :-)

    i've just started mine too and i dont know where to begin. also my maths teacher cant teach us properly so we all need extra help so we dont fail. this is goin to suck really bad i need help.
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