BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management

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Okay pretty vague question, but how hard is it to get DDD (distinction) grades on this course. It's all coursework based isn't it? What is involved and what do you learn about etc etc...
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(Original post by lucy568)
Okay pretty vague question, but how hard is it to get DDD (distinction) grades on this course. It's all coursework based isn't it? What is involved and what do you learn about etc etc...
Ok, i'll reply since no one else has.
I'm just finishing my second year of a BTEC ND in Animal management.
Yes, all coursework based, I chose a BTEC for this reason, as I hate exams!
Although, this doesn't mean its going to be less work.
My sister is just taking her A levels, shes now spending time revising.
But over the year, i've had to do more work. It would have been nice to be able to spend the last 2 months or so of the year working hard, instead of the entire year. But anyway...
To get DDD I think you have to get a Distinction in at least 16 of the 18 units, this is quite alot of work, but do-able!

I'll tell you a bit about the units i've had to do, but I think these differ between colleges etc.

Animal Health
Number of assignments for unit: 4 - each consisting of about 8 tasks
As the unit title says really, animal health. So things like first aid and treatment for animals, ectoparasites, endoparasites. Common conditions like FIV, FeLV, Parvo etc.
Diseases and conditions of organs and the body etc.

Animal Biology
Number of assignments for unit: 2 - Each consisting of 12 tasks
Alot of what is done in this unit is covered in a Biology AS level (I did AS before going to college)
So its general biology, descriptions and functions of organs, cells etc

Animal Anatomy and Physiology
Number of assignments for unit: 4 - Each about 8 tasks
Similar to Biology, but covers things like digestion, circulation, homestasis, respiration

Practical Animal Handling and Husbandry
Number of assignments for unit: 1 - Consisting of practicals and written work
We are lucky enough to have an animal unit at our college.
So we spend one day a week, handling, feeding, health checking animals. So general husbandry and care of animals really.
We have assesments on restraint and handling of various animals such as reptiles (snakes, lizards etc), large animals (sheep, cattle and horses), companion animals (rabbits, cats, dogs etc), rodents (rats, sugar gliders, degus etc), invertebrates (cockroaches and tarantulas), Birds (chickens, parrots etc)

Investigative Project in the Animal Management Sector
Number of assignments for unit: 1 - 12 very large tasks
This unit is "worth" double, and has alot more work involved. Basically a research project. Averaging about 20,000 words.
Similar to a dissertation i've been told, we have to complete and abstract, method, review of research etc.
I'm currently completing mine on ' Congenital conditions in Pedigree dogs and the effects on the Veterinary indutry'

Work Related Experience in the Animal Management Sector
Number of assignments for unit: 1 - 12 tasks
We had 6 weeks of work experience to complete, mine was done in a Zoo - 7am - 6pm, 5 days a week. (I also had to go to my job after this)
This has to be the hardest 6 weeks work i've ever done, but completely worth it!
We also had an assignment to complete about our work experience, so like staffing structures etc and information about the business.

Business Management for Land-based Industries
Number of assignments for unit: - 1 very large assignment with about 12 tasks.
General business, again similar to what is covered in a business AS level.
Business types, stockholders, shares, marketing etc etc

Animal Nutrition
Number of assignments for unit: - 3 - each with about 8 tasks
Feeding and energy requirements for different types of animals and different stages of life for animals.
Nutritional requirements and what each nutrient does for the body and what happens if their is a deficiency.

Animal Welfare and Breed Development

Number of assignments for unit: 4 - very in amount of tasks 6 to 12
Animal welfare side of it is about fox hunting, RSPCA, RSPBB. What they do, laws and legisation etc
Breed development is about evolution

12 Animal Behaviour
Number of assignments for unit: - 2 each has 12 tasks
General animal behaviour, classical conditiong, learned behaviours etc
Studying behaviour and completing ethograms. Training methods etc.

13 Animal Breeding and Genetics

Genetics is similar to AS biology, punnet squares for determining outcome of breeding, dominate genes etc.
Breeding covers all aspects of breeding animals, from conditions such as infertility and eclampsia, raising young, Artifical insemination, genetic engineering, embryo transfer etc

Ok, now I can't be bothered writing any more about my course lol.
These are the rest of the topics, anything else you wanna know give me a message

  • Pet Store Management

  • Exotic Animal Management

  • Principles of Ecology

  • Animal Grooming Parlour Management

  • Scientific Investigation in Animal Management

  • Animal Collection Management
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Heya I need some advice on this topic
BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management I have completed this national diploma i want to know what jobs can i do in united kingdom with that dipoma please reply thank you.

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Hi p3bbl3z, ive recently seen your post and am in my second year of animal management and am starting my investigative project and need some advice as I dont know what to base mine on and would like to know what your was about so I can have a brief knowledge on what I can base the project on. Thank you!!

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