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music rooms?

i am a drummer and have been a drummer for the past 6 years, when i try to find out if imperial has music rooms with drum kits in, all i see is piano this and piano that, is there a room with a drum kit avaliable to students, or must i go all the way home to play my own kit?
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Wilson House hall has a music room with a drum kit in it. Not sure about anywhere else.
Learning at Imperial College London
Imperial College London
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Any place with a guitar amp?
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There's a music room in the basement of Beit Hall. All you need is to be a member of the jazz and rock society to book it. In there you'll find a keyboard, a pretty massive marshall bass amp, a 50w solid state marshall amp with digital effects, another 30w solid state marshall amp that's about to kick the bucket (my favorite) and a crappy solid state Crate amp. Oh and there's a double bass drum kit as well + microphones and PA. The room is tiny but I find it quite neat.
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Damn, I was hoping there would be a valve amp.
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That's everyone's wish, but they're too damn fragile. You can't trust the people who go in there with a Twin Reverb :wink:
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score, im in beit hall, and i play double pedal drumming, so hurrah!
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I have a marshall jcm 2000 dsl 401 40 watt amp, the problem is it's quite loud and big so I don't really want to bring it down but I don't want to stop playing. What do other people do? Buy one of those 15 watt practice amps for college and rely on a society's equipment? I hadn't really thought about this at all until now.
depends on your room type and size i guess, riccardo

sounds like uni equipment isnt particularly good, nor present in every practice room, so having your own amp would be good. Although taking it too and from practice rooms would be ****
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I got myself a 30w Vox Valvetronix and deafened my room-mate during all 3 terms. Good times, good times.