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OMG!!! please help.... i have a english essay to write for tomora and i cant get any where with it. my title is "Pride and Prejudice is a social, cultural novel about uniting the right people, discuss". it may not sound that hard but this is my fourth atempt and i cant get anywhre with it. this is wot i have up to now,

"Pride and Prejudice" was first published in 1813 and is one of Austens best and most popular novels all about love, marriage and social status with money also playing a very important part. It is written on a small scale, only involving four or five familes and set in one small place, Meryton." Writing an a little bit of ivory" describes Jane Austens style explaining that she doesnt need a large scale to write on, choosing few familes and bringing them together to make a perfect novel.
We have seen many marriages throught the novel, some good and others bad but all will last, divorce was not often heard of in this time, unlike today. Couples were together for the rest of thei lives.......

then i havent a clue wot to do next. i want to do it like backwards so the couples are already married etc but then to say what obsicles were in their way.. help!!!!
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