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Where is the lse blacklist?

Does anyone know where i can find the lse blacklist? i know it use to be on the website, but i can't find it anymore. can someone help?
thankss =)
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What is the lse blacklist??
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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its the list of subjects that they dont like for a-levels
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"The School considers not only the subjects offered by applicants at A level (A2) and AS level, but also the combination of them. The School generally prefers certain subjects because it considers they are more likely to serve as effective preparation for studying at LSE. Admissions Tutors will normally consider one of the following subjects only if it is offered in combination with subjects that are not included in the list. For example, Mathematics, French and Economics would be a suitable combination for almost any of our degrees. Mathematics, French and Business would be acceptable, but we would prefer the first example. On the other hand, Mathematics, Accounting and Media Studies would not normally be considered as suitable as this combination includes two subjects on the list. You should also note that we are less concerned with subject combinations at AS level.

Applicants normally offer three A levels (A2s) in our generally preferred subjects, or two generally preferred subjects and one from the following list: (this list is regularly reviewed by Admissions Tutors and is comprehensive at the time of going to press)"

* Accounting
* Art and Design
* Business Studies
* Communication Studies
* Dance
* Design and Technology
* Drama/Theatre Studies
* Home Economics
* Information and Communication Technology
* Law
* Media Studies
* Sports Studies
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Oh, yes. Two of my four were on there (Bus and ICT), but I got in. Mind you, with an AABB offer.
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I vaguely remember being told that they didn't really like Further Maths, or Business Studies + Economics as a combined A-level.. but I did both of those, still got the offers I wanted! Whatever you're taking, don't let the 'blacklist' put you off from applying.
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thanks for your help =)