Light Intensity/Photosynthesis experiment

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    Hey all. So basically I was given a task where I had to design an experiment for this problem

    "A teacher regularly collects elodea for use in class experiments. She observed that on sunny days more bubbles were visible than on dull days. Plan an experiment to investigate her findings."

    I did as instructed and got my draft back. However, the teacher noted that my dependent variable needed to be changed (I had said that it was the number of bubbles produced). What is the independent variable then? I am really confused and so I'm throwing the gauntlet to you biologists who are probably ten times better at this stuff than me.

    One of the control variables was also supposed to be CO2 levels but how does one control this? Are there any other possible control variables.

    REP to the best answers.

    Thanks in advance

    hey, not answering the question but where did you get your hot animation in your sig? a website would be nice damn she's so hot!
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    (Original post by anando)
    hey, not answering the question but where did you get your hot animation in your sig? a website would be nice damn she's so hot!
    If you want it that much, just right click, press view image and save the image.

    Welll.... cause it's photosynthesis, you can pretty much figure it out by knowing the factors that affect photosynthesis. The thing you're varying i assume is light intensity yes??
    So your dependent variables...... you have to control temperature.......and CO2. You can control CO2 by putting a fixed amount of carbonate in there.... this would keep the CO2 levels controlled in the sense any increase or decrease in the CO2 levels become negated as there's already so much in there.

    Bubbles is a result of the can that be your variable.........
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Updated: June 10, 2010
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