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I'm handing this in tomorrow any last minutes notes to change/add? I'm studying Psychology.

It's 655 words (too much?) :confused:


Ever since I found myself analyzing why people I knew acted they way they did I realised I had a passion for psychology, I started to read books about it and when the opportunity arose for AS-Level, I jumped at the chance to truly study it. Ever since then my enthusiasm has grown and I found myself knowing without question that I wanted to study psychology at university. To develop my learning and understanding of the subject and of the way it is used in our society. I would like to have a career in child psychology in the future, working with those with special needs and in foster care and the time I spend working with children only makes me wants to pursue my goal even more.

I enjoy speaking French and I love to travel in France, spending a lot of holidays over there, including in 2003 year when I spent a month in the south of France staying with some French speaking friends of mine, this year I hope to spend the summer working as a courier in Euro-camp.

I am very active in my school life; I have found my job as House Captain challenging, rewarding and an excellent life experience. As house captain I was required to organise several school events with and for the younger years. This taught me a lot about organisation, setting priorities and knowing my capabilities. Before then, I was Student Council representative for several years as well as a junior editor for the school magazine PHySoG. I have both acted in and stage managed several school plays. As well as this I will be organising the Final Leaver’s Prom for my school.

Last year I took part in the Bath International Schools Model United Nations conference, a 3 day formal mock UN conference, where I represented Sri Lanka, it was an amazing experience, both in public speaking and to be able to meet all these people interested in politics and the world and I can’t wait to return this year.

I have recently taken the Community Sports Leadership Award scheme for which I volunteered in a family centre nursery. I had always been interested with working with children, having had foster brothers and sisters of all ages and abilities staying with me since I was 7 and baby-sitting for several families with children ages 10 weeks-11yrs. Since 2000 I have been working as a volunteer in a play scheme for disabled children of different abilities and learning disabilities, as part of this I have taken several courses in this area which has given me extensive experience with children of all ages, ability’s and behaviour.

I liked to find the time to talk to the children where possible, but found most of all that it helped the children we fostered, in particular a boy who didn’t like to talk to his psychologist, but found it easy to talk to me. This has given me that ambition to help children with difficult backgrounds.

I am also very interested in computing and the internet, I presently work with my dad as a computer consultant in his business “SOLVE IT”, I work at various schools and businesses setting up their systems. I find I learn something new each time.

Since my work experience there, I have been recently working a graphics design and production company (Kall Kwik) with the customer services and finishing department, this has been a new experience for me as my two other jobs only involve working with children and my dad, so do not provide me with an office atmosphere.

I am really looking forward to going to university and reading psychology. I would love to learn more about the subject and increase my understanding of the world and its people. After university I want to work with people to put my knowledge in to good use and to help others to understand their world.
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i was always told that proportionally the subject should be about 2/3 and non subject/ extra curric should be 1/3 or less. if you have time try to redress the balance
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