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Well, as other ppl have suggested, I would go for Harry. HOWEVER, Tom doesn't deserve being dumped completely so maybe tone it down a little and decide tell him he is a really gd friend and means a lot to you that way at least he shoudn't feel totally neglected.

As for Harry, no offence but you could end up getting very hurt if things don't work out and it turns out that you really do have serious feelings for him (although as already suggested, i reckon it could just be an infatuation) then a sensible thing to do would kee in touch wit Tom as best you can, but don't do too much of the chasing, if he doesn bother either, then at least you know you didn't waste your time, then if you lay off and he does start contacting you more, then your'e in there!!!

Good luck darlin, hope it all works out, but one thing will stand you in good stead and that's endin it wit Tom (r.ship wise neway )

luv Tabz x
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Don't listen to all the 'let him down gently' crap about Tom. Tell him straight, as soon as you next see him. More importantly, you'll probably need to consider the fact he won't want you as a friend now. Happens all the time and most importantly there's no way he'll ever be a true friend if he likes you sexually.
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