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Martin Nicholso
Report 18 years ago
Are there any further education college governors here? OK, members of
College Corporations then!

Have you any views on how the Teachers Pay Initiative is being
implemented in your college?

Never even heard of it or some sub-committee chaired by the Principal is
dealing with that?

The TPI was intended to address the ever worsening staff recruitment and
retention problems within the sector. Instead it is having exactly the
opposite effect. The scheme was launched on April 1st - yet 9 months
later many colleges have still not given out any money to staff.

To add insult to injury any money that will be given out will NOT be
consolidated into annual salaries and so will NOT be pensionable.

Still worse is that some of the money appears to be tied to staff
agreeing to contractual changes relating to taking on an increased
teaching load and/or accepting a reduction in annual leave.

Martin Nicholson, Daventry, UK

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