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Heh, I know this is a little late, but on Aug 25th I opened my GCSE result envelope, and was pleasently surprised with my results. Up until the month before, I hadnt really been motivated to do any revision, until I discovered TSR. Stuff like people swapping reivison tips, and how revision was starting to get to them, really motivated more than advice from teachers and stuff ever could. I dread to think of what I'd be thinking now if I'd never found TSR. So, thanks to everyone!

I'll try to stick around for all of my 6th form years (starting Thurday *groans*), and hopefully things can improve even more next summer.

Sorry, if this is a dupe mods, couldnt find anything with a search

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Hey, well done for your results I know what you mean, :tsr: has helped me a lot too. Enjoy sixth form!
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