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to all current oxford students:

are you allowed to take a mini-fridge into your room? and if so, is it worth it?? i'm just thinkin that if you're gonna have a toaster you will be wanting butter/jam which needs to be in a fridge, and a fridge in the room seems sensible...

also, how many people actually have toasters/kettles that they bring to their rooms?

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Yes, you can, at least at Hertford. I had a toaster and a kettle.
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we're provided with mini fridges. doubt colleges will be too thrilled about a BYO approach because they'll have to safety test them..?

toasters in our rooms = big no nos.. smoking can set alarms off, they're ubersensitive.

i bring a kettle (for the sake of it really i don't drink tea/coffee.. :rolleyes: ) & a sandwich toaster. most kitchens (we have oodles..yay) normally have a toaster in - no point everyone bringing one & i'd normally just leave my sandwich toaster in the kitchen for communal use.

all in all - these things are college dependent. so you need to check what will apply to you. :smile:
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oh yes, I also had a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine.
We were less good on the "oodles of kitchens" front, though.
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We're allowed kettles only but some people brought fridges and no one minded :smile:
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I brought mine even though we're not allowed them. I had to hide it from the scout (cleaner) but I escaped in the clear!
Loads of people at Oriel had mini fridges, and I'd say 99% of people had toasters and/or kettles. This is partly because there are not many kitchens around Oriel. We weren't allowed grills or anything though.
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I did, umm, hide my grill when I wasn't using it...
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Most people have a kettle at my college.
Toasters are technically forbidden (although this doesn't seem to be enforced - many reckon the college says it just for insurance reasons) but many people have one. Although one person in our staircase did poo everyone off at 3.30am in the morning by managing to somehow get a piece of toast stuck in the toaster while still burning to a crisp - and hence setting off the most obnoxious sounding fire alarm I've ever heard. :smile: (that was the story anyway)

To be honest I don't know how I'd cope without a full size fridge (I have a permanent source of fruit, yoghurts, milk and juice in there), but we're quite lucky to have them.
I don't yet know of a college which prohibits mini-fridges, so I'm sure it would be fine.
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I don't yet know of a college which prohibits mini-fridges, so I'm sure it would be fine.

Ours officially prohibits them (they say the only electronic appliances you can have are laptops, mobile phones, kettles, hair dryers and a coulpe of other things) but they never do anything about it (lots of people have fridges!)
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Fun electrical appliances like toasters and kettles and fridges are forbidden at SEH. Check the rules.
well here at hertford, mini fridges are strictly prohibited and getting caught carries a fine of up to £500 if it is a first offence, and if not possibly even a jail sentence.
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wait... what?
I can see perhaps why toasters are banned, but how could a mini-fridge be any more than a hazard than say a laptop? :confused:
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I think it's to do with insurance ... they have to check all appliances other than the listed ones (which they only have to collect details about), and they can't be arsed to check them all!
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Methinks wayne cramp is jesting....
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on the issue of smoke/fire alarms, is smoking forbidden in all buildings or does each college have its own policy?
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depends on college - but most colleges will allow smoking only in the bar (if that now!)
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putting my w*** hat on, I'd like to point out that jam doesn't need a fridge - the sugar preserves it just fine. :rolleyes:
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lol, well my jam jar says "keep refrigerated" on the side. thanks for the input all - i think i'll get a mini-fride thats a tiny-wee one that can only hold bout 3 things, as that's all i'll need it for. :smile: