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(Original post by nikk)
lol, I only watch the simpsons occasionally so it probably explains why I haven't see him! I hope you wasn't saying I was like him?! :eek: *goes back to other thread to recheck* :p:
Dude, if you're like him, don't bother starting a pension account (and no, that's not because you'll be rich).

Anyway, sometimes I look at sports people on TV, that are my age or younger, and wish I was doing that. I'm sure everyone does.
Icy Ghost
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I sometimes get jealous/disappointed in myself because of famous musicians, and even the ones that get famous mainly on image and not so much their actual musical talent. Also, musicians who have worked hard and are really talented who aren't known at all... it's sad that they're not getting well known for their talents... I guess the music business is just that- a business... and it's less about the muscal talent

[/rant] rant over.
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